Misuse of pesticides in several states puts residents at risk

A pending federal case in Georgia has issued a 52-count indictment against the owner of Bio-Tech Management, Inc. (DBA Bio-Tech Systems). Charges include conspiracy, mail fraud, falsifying records and unlawful use of the pesticide, Termidor SC, which is an outdoor perimeter spray used to treat crazy ant infestations. It also is used to treat other pests, including centipedes, cockroaches, yellow jackets and a variety of spiders. Because of the mountain of evidence to be assembled by both the government and the defense attorneys for the accused, Steven Murray, a joint motion has been granted to delay the trial.

Murray is accused of misapplying the pesticide and falsifying documents to conceal that fact. More than 100 nursing homes in several states, including Georgia, are involved. Many had monthly pest control contracts with Bio-Tech, which allegedly did not apply the registered product according to label instructions. It is alleged that Termidor SC, an outdoor annual treatment, was used inside the facilities more than twice a year.

Pesticides do their job in keeping long-term care facilities pest-free. Safety is the main concern when applying these chemicals near children, older adults and pets. The Environmental Protection Agency requires that all pesticides follow specific guidelines to ensure their proper use. All pesticides must be registered, properly labeled and used according to the manufacturer’s direction.

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