Statewide patient evacuation system debuts in New York

The New York State Department of Health has launched e-FINDS, a resident/patient-tracking/locating system statewide. In June, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the program as a vital emergency resource. Superstorm Sandy necessitated the relocation of patient and residents from area hospitals, nursing homes and state-run facilities.

The e-FINDS system operates using wristband technology that is worn by the patient/resident. Bracelets use bar coding to track the individual’s location and important health information in case of evacuation.   Used statewide, this uniform notification system will provide healthcare facilities with the ability to track any individual it receives during an emergency or disaster situation through use of a handheld scanner and mobile apps.

According to an article, 350,000 bracelets were printed by the state at a cost of 19 cents each. Federal money received in response to Sandy, paid for the program, one of the recommendations from the NY Ready and Respond Commission.

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