Intelligent eyeglasses may improve gait for people with Parkinson’s

Mobility in Parkinson’s patients is often compromised by a shuffling gait and unsteadiness when walking, leaving them looking for support. Supported by grant from the NutsOhra fund, researchers at the University of Twente’s MIRA Institute are exploring the possibilities of a new app for “smart glasses,” such as Google Glasses, that can improve gait and decrease the potential for falls.

Findings show that gait improves when a patient regularly hears or sees a pattern. The most recent “smart glasses” have built-in cameras and accelerometers that can send the appropriate signals. The MIRA Institute’s research will focus on the applicability of intelligent eyeglasses to provide people with Parkinson’s the necessary auditory and/or visual signals to improve gait, encourage safe ambulation and reduce falls.

Topics: Clinical , Technology & IT