Gallup survey: Nurses outrank all professions on honesty and ethics

Since 1999, nurses have continually topped a Gallup list of the most honest and ethical profession as perceived by Americans. Earlier this December, the annual Gallup telephone poll* once again ranked registered nurses as the most trusted profession with a “very high” or “high” rating among 80 percent of respondents compared with police officers (48 percent), bankers (23 percent) and members of Congress (7 percent).  

While nurses top the list, other medical professions received “very high” or “high” marks, including physicians and pharmacists (both at 65 percent approval).

“We could not be more proud to continually earn the trust and confidence of the public,” said Deborah Burger, RN, president of National Nurses United (NNU), in a release. The organization represents 185,000 registered nurses nationwide.

Over the past year, according to the NNU, nurses have been at the forefront of:

  • elevating patient safety standards,
  • campaigning for environmental and economic justice and
  • protecting and expanding Medicare.

Burger notes that maintaining public trust and pursuing high ethical standards is part of the very fabric of the nursing profession.

*The survey was based on a random sample of 805 adults aged 18 and older living in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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