Richard Peck

Richard L. Peck was editor in chief of I Advance Senior Care / Long-Term Living for 18 years. For eight years previous to that, he served as editor of the clinical magazine Geriatrics. He has written extensively on developments in the field of senior care and housing.

Blowing in the wind

When we children of the '60s heard Bob Dylan croaking that "the answer is blowin' in the wind" Read More »

Our Cup Runneth Over

What are the odds? You send out a nationwide bulletin asking nursing homes... Read More »

Does Staffing Mean Quality?

I heard an interesting dialogue at a recent long-term care'related conference Read More »

On Staying Afloat

As a very amateur sailor, I believe there are two types of watercraft in the world: (1) the Read More »

Be Prepared

I remember when, as the world's chubbiest Boy Scout (before the growth spurt), I would slowly raise three fingers of my right hand and solemnly assert the Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared. Read More »

Scenes from a nightmare

The experience of this event showed me that long-term care providers are at least listening. Read More »

Ah, the Bloom of Youth

Ah, the bloom of youth. I'm writing this in the midst of long-term care's "winter of discontent." Read More »

Creating the Nursing Home of the Future

Interview with Michael Follett, Administrator, St. John's Lutheran Home, Billings, Montana Read More »

White House Waste of Time

Two burning questions of our time: Did I attend the recent White House Conference on Aging? No, I did not. Am I sorry? No, I am not. Read More »

Hi, I’ll Be Your Computer

Have you ever been cautioned against anthropomorphizing the behavior of a computer? Read More »

How to win friends and influence people

I'm sure readers of a certain vintage will quickly recognize the name Dale Carnegie and probably remember the title of his early 20th century Read More »

Surviving Florida’s Ill Winds

What LTC providers learned from battling four hurricanes. Read More »

Editorial: Reason for Holiday Cheer

Reason for Holiday CheerBY RICHARD L. PECK, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF As you will note in our lead article this month, we are offering the long-term care field Read More »

What’s in a Name?

We had an interesting "cultural moment" a few weeks ago. Read More »

What’s Next for Long-Term Care’s New Coalition?

In the immediate aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks on America, what are the prospects for long-term care reform legislation? Read More »


By the time you read this the World Trade Center disaster will be two months behind us. Barring Read More »

The Federal Government’s Campaign to Improve MDS Accuracy

The Federal Government's Campaign to Improve MDS Read More »

Healthcare Hypocrisy

State Medicaid programs across the United States are shortchanging nursing homes by $3.3 billion a year. Read More »

White Hats, Black Hats

It's easy to laugh at the movies for being so simplistic: The good guys are so very, very good, Read More »

Let’s Be Positive

Possibly the granddaddy of popular self-help books was The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Read More »

The Administrator: An Endangered Species

There's been a great deal of talk of late (and it's about time!) about the nursing home administrator Read More »

Defining Uncommon Ground

For long-term care policy wonks-and that should include all of us, editors and readers alike-one Read More »

Regulatory Heaven

We now live, of course, in a golden age of political harmony. We have congressional Read More »

The Ultimate Staffing Solution

 How would you like it if someone called you a hero? More than that, what if that person Read More »


We now live, of course, in a golden age of political harmony. Read More »

Our 50th Year

We don't like to be self-referential in this column-providing, for example, an extended table of contents or a blurb Read More »

Welcome to Our Wacky World

Life has a "Through the Looking Glass" quality to it these days, doesn't it? Read More »

The Legislative Year: Ups and (Way) Downs

From the standpoint of long-term care, was the last year of the 106th Congress a good or bad year? Read More »