Time for a change

Nothing lasts forever (although sometimes it may seem that way). As of this issue I will be stepping down as editor-in-chief of Long-Term Living, after 18 years in the role.

Succeeding me will be Executive Editor Maureen Hrehocik, an engaging and highly professional editor whom I’ve known for more than 20 years and who we hired and groomed for this prospect over a year ago. Aside from writing for this space from here on out, she will be attending most of the major long-term care conferences this year, and between the two types of exposure I’m sure Long-Term Living readers will enjoy meeting her and will benefit from her ideas for the magazine.

Meanwhile (paradoxically enough), you may be seeing my byline in this magazine and online more than ever, as I take on more direct and varied editorial responsibilities. Being able to move back into the role of direct editorial production-the type of work I performed, and thoroughly enjoyed, for most of my career-was a principal reason I requested this move. I felt that at this advanced stage of my career, I wanted to be able to focus on work I enjoy. Fortunately, our parent company, Vendome Group, went along with this.

Even so, I have enjoyed the long ride at the helm of this publication, which lasted about twice as long as I thought it would. The long-term care field, with its profoundly personal services, immense challenges, human interest (both residents and management), and oddly ambivalent image as family savior and political whipping boy, is altogether a journalist’s dream. I’ve delighted in serving our readers all these years, and like to think I’ve been a small part of the advancement of this field during that time. And I’ll still be in there pitching with articles, interviews, and online stories.

My thanks to the hundreds of writers and contributors to this magazine who made it all possible. I ask them-and you-to continue seeing Long-Term Living as your outlet for in-depth exploration of all facets of long-term care, a place to offer ideas that are new, and stories as old as the human heart. Though I won’t be calling the shots anymore, I’ll be as interested as ever in your contributions, and will do my best to give them the play they deserve in the magazine and/or online.

See you later.

Richard L. Peck, Editor-in-Chief

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Long-Term Living 2009 April;58(4):8

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