Senses respond to aromatherapy

Aromatherapy and its sensory effects on human emotion, productivity when used in the indoor environments of healthcare facilities. There are many reasons to consider the incorporation of scenting into any environment. Read More »

Controlling infection through design

We don’t know as much about how infections start within the senior living environment as in acute care settings. But the essentials of infection transfer remain the same. Read More »

Abandon ‘the help’ and recognize your staff

Beyond verbal communication, I wondered how else we may be devaluing our team members who work so closely with residents. Consider these questions about the design of your environments—and the messages they send to employees. Read More »

Magic or mayhem: What’s ahead? Part 2

Editor's note: Last month, Long-Term Living readers were treated to five of Richard Peck's predictions for the industry in the coming years Read More »

Accommodating a resident by bringing in her own bed

My adjustable home care bed was put in storage 15 years ago, when I first moved into a nursing home. I then had to sleep in one of the facility’s Read More »

Achieving a balance between healthy and homelike

In many senior care facilities across the country, Alzheimer's treatment is finally taking a more common sense approach: effectively caring for the Read More »

The bariatric patient and trends in health facility design

*Editor's note: Jennifer Kovacs Silvis is Managing Editor of HEALTHCARE DESIGN and Editor-in-Chief of Healthcare Building Ideas, both sister Read More »

Exploring the future of healthcare design

Interest in and attention to the design and architecture of today’s healing environments has exploded over the past decade, as evidenced by the rapid Read More »

Foresight vs. hindsight: Interesting perspectives for those in senior living

As an architect and designer, I am encouraged to gather input from clients as we begin the planning and design process. In the senior living world, Read More »

Is it really just furniture?

Kelley Hoffman While I was a student in design school, my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and my family needed to choose a Read More »

Turnkey service for interiors

Rachelle DeGeorge For a typical new construction or renovation project the owner of a senior living community is responsible for bringing together Read More »

Does your facility tell a story? It might have to, if you want to survive

Daniel Pink, in his opening keynote address at the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living’s 62nd Annual Convention & Read More »

The mystery of the disappearing resident room (and the lost census)

In complex mysteries you may have more than one party that is responsible for missing rooms in a senior living community. The worst crime scene I Read More »

Memory care: Private vs semi-private rooms

“Should memory care residents be in private or semi-private rooms?” This is the question I often get asked by architects and owners new to memory Read More »

Lessons from Pioneer 2011: Neighborhood Nurses and obtrusive noise

St. Charles, Missouri, was the site of the 2011 annual convention for the Pioneer Network. This was the fourth Pioneer event I have attended; I had Read More »

LTC in Italy: Seniors living La Dolce Vita

Healthy seniors living the good life. On a recent trip to Italy, I decided to actively investigate how Read More »

Defining ‘non-institutional’ interiors

For the upcoming July 2011 issue of Long-Term Living, we asked three well known senior living designers to debate the pros and cons of various Read More »

Surroundings symposium

It's not every day you can lock down three of the field's most intriguing and expert sources on aging environments and design to debate best Read More »

Is long-term care ready for LEDs?

For the upcoming July 2011 issue of Long-Term Living, we asked three well known senior living designers to debate the pros and cons of various Read More »

Senior living and today’s disasters

Maybe it’s just me; I am getting older but I am starting to say things like “I can’t ever remember so many tornados, this much rain and all of these Read More »

Are facility beauty salons going to fade like a bad color job?

For years women visited the beauty salon weekly for a wash and a set. This ritual involved not only beautification but a head massage and Read More »

A Shared Vision

The Design Challenge: To position an aging Austin, Tex., retirement community to capture the growing independent living market, while enabling best Read More »

DESIGN 2011 Merit Winner: Eden Rehabilitation Suites and Eden Green House Homes, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Julie Heiberger, Project Architect • Hoffman, LLC Congratulations to all Citation of Merit winners! The new Eden Meadows campus is the culmination Read More »

DESIGN 2011 Merit Winner: Casitas on East Broadway, Tucson, Arizona

Tom McQuillen, AIA, LEED AP, Principal • Lizard Rock Designs, LLC Congratulations to all Citation of Merit winners! Casitas on East Broadway Read More »

2011 Roundtable: Collaboration drives design innovation

Collaboration and community involvement are common themes in this year's DESIGN roundtable discussion. Jurors become particularly animated when Read More »

The ah-ha! moment

During the DESIGN 2011 judging, while discussing the submissions with the other reviewers, I began to wonder when those involved in aging-specific Read More »

Inspiration is contagious

There's something about being in the company of smart, creative, spirited people that energizes me and inspires me to dream bigger dreams. Read More »

Obstacles and solutions in real-world design

Such innovative and even award-winning design does not come easy. Participants in this year's DESIGN Showcase shared not only their project Read More »

Comfort and joy

Willson Hospice House, Albany, Georgia Ila Burdette, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Principal Perkins+Will Page 42 When Ila Burdette describes her experience Read More »

Green design for better senior living

2010 FotoGrafix Does it seem like more things are changing than staying the same? New technology brings countless opportunities that were Read More »