Is renovation always a good thing?

Every year a group of multi-disciplinary professionals gather to discuss Design Showcase submissions for the Environments for Aging review. Inevitably, during the discussion, a common theme appears. This year was no exception: Is renovation always a good thing? Read More »

Exploring evidence-based and green design in long-term care

The research and experiences of evidence-based design will continue to lead to innovations in creating senior living environments that enhance quality of life and quality of care. Read More »

Love, light and life

Harnessing the energy of interior spaces can change an institutional building into a home. An interior designer takes a look at the power of light, variety and focus points to create peace and comfort within the care environment.  Read More »

New healthcare design guidelines address long-term care

New codes, regulations and guidelines for the design of senior living facilities are being developed to support culture change and resident-centered care. Now is the time for long-term care providers to become involved in the development of these guidelines. Read More »

How to reposition dated LTC assets

As the long-term care industry takes on more business in short-term rehabilitation and new expectations from the baby boomer generation, many facilities are finding themselves forced to renovate their buildings and their operations to keep up with the market changes.  Read More »

Designing international aged care environments

Whether caring for seniors in the United States or in a village in the Pacific Rim, providing culture-specific environments and services is taking design in a new direction as seen in three international projects. Read More »

Casting a critical eye on our environments for aging

The long-term care industry has advanced dramatically in recent years when it comes to innovations in healthcare and living environments for our aging population. At St. John's on the Lake in Milwaukee, 20 LTC designers, architects and academics have gathered to judge 59 new senior housing projects. They are a tough and demanding group. Read More »

It’s all in the design: A preview of the 2013 Environments for Aging Conference

Good design in environments for the aging improves not only the quality of life for residents, but it resonates, and hopefully improves, every aspect of the senior living business, from marketing to housekeeping. Nowhere will LTC professionals find a more comprehensive and qualified collection of minds from the architecture, interior design and building fields than at Long-Term Living’s 2013 Environments for Aging Conference. Read More »

How occupational therapists influence LTC design decisions

Occupational therapists are trained to focus on a framework made up of the person, the environment and the occupational performance, which can be applied to healthcare design. Read More »

Redecorate with 2013’s forecasted “hot” colors

The new year is only days away, but it’s not too early to “think Spring.” Consider refreshing the environment of your facility or incorporating the “now” hues into your remodel or construction plans. Read More »

HUD gives $26 million for assisted living conversions

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is paying apartment owners in nine states to convert their buildings to assisted living units. Read More »

When high-tech meets low-tech

We’ve got high-tech flooring sensors, in-room monitors for falls management and remote home monitoring.. . but wait—did we forget to redesign the stairs? Today's IOM meeting in Washington, D.C., provides a backdrop for good discussions on technology, health space design and mission. Read More »

IOM’s “Fostering Independence and Healthy Aging Through Technology” conference

Long-term Living’s coverage from today’s "Public Workshop on Fostering Independence and Healthy Aging through Technology" in Washington, D.C.: Senior services leaders present the issues of “assistance technology” to keep seniors mobile and independent. Read More »

Senior housing providers branch into at-home care models

With more Americans considering staying at home in their elder years instead of moving to a retirement community, many senior living providers are experimenting with alternative service models, including innovative programming and service partnerships. Read More »

Nursing home residents at risk as flood waters surge above levees in one New Orleans parish

A nursing home in one New Orleans parish chose to ride out Hurricane Isaac, but the facility is now flagged for evacuation as storm surge exceeds the nearby levees, flooding the neighborhood. Read More »

Could your LTC community use an extreme makeover?

Here’s your chance to realize your community’s design potential with RESCUE ME—a program created by our sister publication, Environments for Aging, to bring communities and designers together to demonstrate the impact of renovated space in the LTC environment. Read More »

Seniors housing: Strategies for a successful transition amid a changing consumerism

Ryan Frederick, founder and principal of Point Forward Solutions, shares with Long-Term Living magazine his strategies for transitioning senior living facilities into the spaces consumers will want tomorrow. Read More »

California’s new LTC model for elderly and chronically ill inmates

In California, the aging prison population will soon be cared for in a newly constructed care-based facility in a security-conscious environment. However, design elements will improve quality of life. Read More »

10 tips to inject hospitality design into your senior living community

The principals at three: living architecture maintain that one can incorporate hospitality design features at any phase of a senior living community’s life—from early planning through current status to future expansions. Their critical takeaway: One can never afford a dull community. Read More »

Competition yields fresh ideas in senior housing design

At Long-Term Living’s 2012 Environments for Aging conference in Orlando, two college sophomores were presented with first prize in the third annual AIAS/SAGE Student Design Competition, a program that challenged architecture students to push the envelope in housing designed for the elderly. Read More »

Renovating skilled nursing facilities: Adjusting the property and upgrading the culture

Renovating existing facilities entails much more than a new coat of paint. Miles Girouard and Amy Ruedinger, RN, discuss the strategies involved in upgrading the physical environment and the care culture at the same time. Read More »

‘TMI’ in designs for senior living

Senior living designers have yet to recognize that boomers entering communities will demand the same resources in senior living just as they have upped the ante by demanding restaurant style dining, fitness centers, spas and coffee shops. Read More »

Designing bold first impressions

Bold colors, modern artwork, sleek lines…this isn’t your grandmother’s nursing home. Long-term care owners and administrators have heard it before but it bears repeating. Today’s seniors, more active and engaged in mainstream culture than any other generation before them, appreciate good design. Read More »

Managing budgets for LTC building projects

Identifying a project manager, or owner’s representative, to lead the project team is becoming a vital factor in accomplishing an integrated approach to the LTC building process. Read More »

Adaptive re-use of existing senior living spaces

Innovative planning can allow traditional senior living spaces to be transformed into neighborhoods of shared spaces and private spaces, encouraging interaction and fostering memory care. Architect James Moyer describes the before and after designs. Read More »

Environmental sustainability by design for assisted living

LEED certification is by no means a new concept, but in the LTC industry, many owners and operators have been tentative to embrace the concept and make it work on a large scale. Here's one owner that has done just that. Read More »

Spaces and interpersonal communication

In community life, physical spaces help or hinder communication. Room configurations have a definite impact on how people communicate and interact within that space. Read More »

Innovation clashes with harsh economic reality in LTC design

When a book that addresses architecture and design for an aging population landed on my desk last week, I was eager to review it. However, the ideals it promotes are tempered by current harsh economic realities in the LTC industry. Read More »

When a facility needs to be fixed up

With the Medicare/Medicaid cutbacks to facilities today, I wonder how facilities built from the ’70s through the ’90s will be maintained. I wonder too how the grand looking nursing homes built in the last 10 years will hold up. Read More »

Repurposing a property—LA style

Many developers and architects are putting old building to new purposes. In Los Angeles, an abandoned hospital will shake off its horror-story reputation to provide a new lease on life for low-income seniors. Read More »