Welcome to Environments for Aging

Over the past few years, interest in design for senior living environments has grown substantially, spurred by an aging demographic and developers keen on tapping the escalating demand for residential and long-term care options. And, while economic recession has put a damper on construction and remodeling projects, it’s scarcely dimmed interest in the subject.

With that growing interest in mind, the editors and publisher of Long-Term Living welcome you to Environments for Aging, our new enewsletter/print offering. Let me clarify: Environments for Aging is not entirely new. For the past 15 years, we’ve published DESIGN/Environments for Aging, an annual supplement to Long-Term Living which features our Design Showcase. But starting this month, we’ve shortened the title and are increasing the frequency of the print version to twice a year. The enewsletter will be delivered twice a year as well, focusing on innovative senior design projects, news, trends and products.

You’ll still find our Design Showcase in the spring print version of Environments for Aging. And you can look forward to our annual Remodel/Renovation Competition to appear in the fall print issue. (In the past, contest winners were featured in the September issues of Long-Term Living.)

I encourage you to send me design-related news and story ideas that might interest the Environments for Aging audience, which comprises senior living designers and architects and LTC owners and developers. If you have a noteworthy architectural project or remodel/renovation project, contact the publisher of Environments for Aging, who’ll be happy to provide you with guidelines for project submissions.

Topics: Design