The case for carotenoids

Every child is told to eat their carrots and green, leafy vegetables because they are good for your eyes. Guess what? New study agrees. Read More »

AARP Innovation Fund aims to improves lives of seniors with tech

AARP and J.P. Morgan Asset Management will provide $40 million in assets to companies focusing on improving the lives of people ages 50 and older. Read More »

Three-drug combination found to treat MRSA

New research shows that a combination of three antibiotics could be helpful in fighting MRSA. Read More »

Type 2 diabetes may encourage neurodegeneration separate from Alzheimer’s

A new study in Neurology finds that diabetes and brain tangles are separate from Alzheimer's disease. Read More »

Food as an activity

Everyone likes to snack occasionally, but when residents eat because of boredom it can become hazardous to their health. Read More »

Nursing home residents at higher risk for dehydration

Seniors living in nursing homes are more likely to be dehydrated than seniors living independently, according to a new study. Read More »

New app helps families and caregivers coordinate visits, tasks

CareMonster, a caregiving app startup, helps families take care of elderly loved ones, but also has a business model that can be adopted by providers. Read More »

Addiction in seniors: ‘It’s at epidemic levels’

A "silver tsunami" of addicted seniors is coming, warned a speaker at this week's National Conference on Addiction Disorders, hosted by sister-publication Addiction Professional.  Read More »

White House Conference on Aging: New program and initiative roundup

The White House Conference on Aging was held Monday, and several new programs and initiatives were announced.  Read More »

The dish on dining

Surveys repeatedly cite food as a major factor in customer satisfaction. If residents and their families aren’t happy with meals, they tend to find fault in other service areas. Read More »

Residents face off in chocolate-themed competition

Residents and chefs faced off against one another in an “Iron Chef-style” challenge May 19. Each team had 60 minutes to prepare for judges an appetizer, main entrée and dessert containing a secret ingredient. Read More »

Guests at mealtime

Every facility dining room has its own culture. The atmosphere may be casual or formal.  When it is disrupted by surprise visitors, however, residents and staff may need to adapt. Read More »

Federal agencies should work together to help adults age in place, GAO says

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services should help federal agencies work together to ensure that government resources related to home- and community-based services are used effectively and efficiently, the Government Accountability Office recommends. Read More »

One-on-one with…Paul Nussbaum, PhD

Brookdale Senior Living recently named Paul Nussbaum, PhD, its national director for brain health. Long-Term Living spoke with the board-certified psychologist to find out more about what he’s doing for the company, which has nearly 1,150 senior living communities in 46 states and calls itself the country’s largest provider of Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Read More »

Craving french fries

Since mealtimes are so important to residents, a successful dining program should consider preferences and be sure to have enough of the most popular food items on hand. Read More »

What the proposed 2016 budget would mean for senior living

The 2016 federal budget announced by President Barack Obama on Monday is a mixed bag for senior housing and services providers, according to several organizations representing them. Read More »

Older Americans Act reauthorization proposed

Legislation to reauthorize the Older Americans Act has been introduced in the Senate. Read More »

A good egg can keep a resident’s sunny side up

Meals are the best part of the day for most residents, and breakfast is the most important meal. Cutting back on quality might be economical, but your residents can taste the difference. Read More »

Coalition challenges the Dietary Guidelines for Americans

A coalition claims federal nutritional guidelines ignore the nutritional needs of children, older adults and ethnic minorities. Read More »

Skin is in

Keeping the bedsores at bay is about much more than body-turning protocols. Helping residents and their families understand the importance of skin health can make fighting unnecessary skin breakdown a group effort. Read More »

One-on-one with… Robert (Robb) White

Long-term care organizations would be wise to reevaluate their dining programs to satisfy the adventurous and sophisticated palates of the new senior population. One noted chef shares his philosophy and vision of wedding good nutrition with high-end culinary options. Read More »

Comfort focus improves lives of those with advanced dementia

Prioritizing comfort in the care of residents with advanced dementia enabled one nursing home to reap many rewards for residents and their families, the community and staff members. Its innovative model was detailed in a Sept. 8 workshop convened by the Institute of Medicine. Read More »

Post substitute menu selections

“Choice.” It is the magic word of culture change. What happens when residents are not given enough choices, especially at mealtimes? Read More »

44% of assisted living residents visiting EDs have malnutrition: study

Results of a recent study may have you thinking about offering malnutrition screening to residents, as well as helping to address underlying issues. Read More »

Meeting the new dining standards

What’s for dinner? Are you planning and serving residents meals that are in line with the new dining standards? A new toolkit helps to implement these requirements. Read More »

Anyone for hummus?

Appetites change, and dietary requirements might need adjustment, but meals always should be appetizing and healthful. A little creativity in the kitchen also is a plus. Read More »

Effect of Mediterranean diet on cognitive decline varies by race: study

The Mediterranean diet may have broad health benefits, but its effect on cognitive decline differs among race-specific populations, according to a new study. Read More »

Alzheimer’s disease research highlights prevalence, detection, treatment

Several studies presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark, shed light on the prevalence, detection and treatment of the disease. Read More »

Doctor at a distance

We are expected to be on time for medical appointments but usually end up sitting in the waiting room. Compound that wait with a long round-trip ride and that one appointment can take all day.  Read More »

Nutrition screenings vital to senior health: review

Nutrition screenings should be a mandatory part of the comprehensive geriatric analysis, according to one expert. Read More »