Finally, a side of hummus

Several years ago, at a family reunion, I ate hummus for the first time. I liked it for its creamy texture and the garlic flavor. I also enjoyed the fact that I could eat it without feeling guilty like I did when eating dips with sour cream. I knew it had fiber and protein and was good with cut vegetables or low-salt/low-carb crackers.

For about three years, I have been advocating activities to make hummus so the residents could try it. When my sister lived nearby, I frequently had hummus at her house, she sometimes brought it when she visited and occasionally we had it as an appetizer at a restaurant. I even purchased it once from a deli and brought it back to have for evening snack and gave the rest to the staff.

A few months ago, and activity aide asked for a hummus recipe. I found one online and gave it to her. If they served hummus at an activity, I missed out on it.

When my sister visits from Florida, we go out for lunch. No local restaurants feature hummus on their appetizer menu, so I have been craving it for a while.

Last summer at a care conference, I asked if I could have activities purchase hummus and cut vegetables for me on shopping day at a big-box deli. I wanted to eat some for my evening snack and offer the rest to the staff. However, I was reminded residents cannot buy food that needs to be refrigerated. I understand we need rules, but I knew an insulated bag would keep the food at the appropriate temperature until I ate it.

To my surprise, the new dietitian put up signs saying she would be serving hummus, guacamole and spinach and artichokes dips for afternoon snack. I wanted to try out her special treats. The activity was scheduled for 2 p.m. earlier this month. Since lunch is barely over by 1 p.m., I asked if I could have some dips, especially the hummus, saved for my evening snack. The nurse manager said OK, and I hoped it would work out.

At snack time, my aide walked in my room and asked what I wanted. I reminded her about the dips. When she returned, I was surprised that the hummus was spread on two pieces of Italian bread. Even though I have only eaten it on pita chips, crackers, or cut vegetables, I tried it.  It tasted like it was flavored with roasted red peppers or pimentos. It was good.

I think hummus makes a good, healthy snack spread for us residents to eat. It is inexpensive to make and lasts several days. I am hoping the dietitian may have started a trend.

Topics: Activities , Nutrition