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Leveraging Technology and Workflow Automation to Prevent Staff Burnout

A new free iASC webinar on Thursday, October 27. Managing workflows, processes, and applications required to provide quality and positive healthcare experiences has become unmanageable for most providers. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, EmpRes Healthcare, like other senior care facilities, found itself juggling new and stricter regulations, keeping staff and residents safe, and continuing to providing quality care. The result was that the organization struggled to prevent staff burnout. Sound familiar?  Read More »

The Top 5 Unexpected Benefits of Digital Entry Management

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Taking the Resident Experience to the Next Level

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The True Cost of Post-Acute Care Labor

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Special Report: Staff Focus: How to Create a Workplace That Supports Employees

Senior care staff play a key role not only in the organization’s success, but also in the quality of the care that residents receive. While the senior care industry already faced significant staffing shortages pre-pandemic, the COVID-19 pandemic only heightened and exacerbated those challenges. The result? Supporting your staff and creating an employee-friendly workplace is now even more important than ever. That staff support can take many forms, from providing training and quality benefits to developing programs that ensure staff have the resources they need even when outside of work. Building a team of quality staff takes time, as well as financial resources. The better an organization can support its employees, the more appealing a workplace it becomes. Attracting the talented staff needed can become easier, and similarly, organizations can better retain the staff they already have. Read More »

Special Report: Building on Best Practices: Strategies to Improve Your Senior Care Operation

When faced with the challenges of the pandemic, the senior care industry had to find innovative solutions, and whole new sets of best practices emerged to guide the industry forward. Now, senior care organizations are better able to look forward and focus on their growth and success But the industry still faces plenty of challenges. Nurses and caregivers left the industry during the pandemic, exacerbating an already pressing staffing shortage. The aging Boomer population means that facilities must be prepared to meet the increasing need for senior care services. Increasing regulations pose an ongoing challenge, and creating a safe space for residents and staff is always a priority. Read More »

Special Report: Looking Forward: Strategies to Rebuild Senior Care in 2022

Even before the pandemic, the senior care industry faced many difficulties, including evolving regulations and staffing challenges. The pandemic exacerbated those challenges while also introducing new ones, including an overall loss of trust in the industry and enhanced procedures that strained already limited staff. The introduction of COVID-19 vaccines in 2021 granted the industry some reprieve. Some communities were able to gradually relax some of their social distancing precautions, and the reintroduction of friend and family visits helped to ease some of the strains that isolation had taken on residents. 2021 tested the creativity, resilience, and strength of the senior care industry. In 2022, those same qualities may be key to the industry’s recovery and rebuilding. We’re proud to bring you best practices and actionable advice from industry thought leaders and experts to help guide your path in 2022. Read More »

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View From the Trenches: Interview with Dr. Zachary Palace, MD, CMD

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Rethinking Workforce Management in the Post-Acute Care Space

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Perspectives: Will People Return to Senior Care Facilities After the Pandemic? (Part II)

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Understanding Depression Among Seniors

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Perspectives: Will People Return to Senior Care Facilities After the Pandemic? (Part I)

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Key Findings About Nursing Home Resident Experiences During the Pandemic

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Fighting Senior Loneliness With Laughter

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Online Reviews for Senior Care Facilities: Do They Really Matter?

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Best Practices When Implementing Virtual Tours

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Alison Teitelbaum Joins Editorial Advisory Board of iAdvanceSeniorCare

Alison serves as Vice President at MCI USA, where she helps organizations achieve their strategic, advocacy, and programmatic goals. Read More »

Cynthia Morton Joins Editorial Advisory Board of iAdvanceSeniorCare

Cynthia joined NASL as the Executive Vice President in September of 2010 and has led the organization to advocate for high quality care for the patients NASL members serve. Read More »