Special Report: Staff Focus: How to Create a Workplace That Supports Employees

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squared-Staff Focus-How to Create a Workplace That Supports Employees

Senior care staff play a key role not only in the organization’s success, but also in the quality of the care that residents receive. While the senior care industry already faced significant staffing shortages pre-pandemic, the COVID-19 pandemic only heightened and exacerbated those challenges.

The result? Supporting your staff and creating an employee-friendly workplace is now even more important than ever. That staff support can take many forms, from providing training and quality benefits to developing programs that ensure staff have the resources they need even when outside of work.

Building a team of quality staff takes time, as well as financial resources. The better an organization can support its employees, the more appealing a workplace it becomes. Attracting the talented staff needed can become easier, and similarly, organizations can better retain the staff they already have.

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