Special Report: Looking Forward: Strategies to Rebuild Senior Care in 2022

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(squared) iASC-report-2022 Strategies to rebuild

Even before the pandemic, the senior care industry faced many difficulties, including evolving regulations and staffing challenges. The pandemic exacerbated those challenges while also introducing new ones, including an overall loss of trust in the industry and enhanced procedures that strained already limited staff.

The introduction of COVID-19 vaccines in 2021 granted the industry some reprieve. Some communities were able to gradually relax some of their social distancing precautions, and the reintroduction of friend and family visits helped to ease some of the strains that isolation had taken on residents.

2021 tested the creativity, resilience, and strength of the senior care industry. In 2022, those same qualities may be key to the industry’s recovery and rebuilding. We’re proud to bring you best practices and actionable advice from industry thought leaders and experts to help guide your path in 2022.

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