LTC mergers: Transitioning the culture clash

Putting two companies together successfully means keeping a close eye on staff transitions.

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Calif. agrees to $15 minimum wage

The state of California legislature has passed a bill to raise the hourly minimum wage to $15 gradually over the next six years.

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The Web-based training company adds new training resources based on current trends and industry demand to fill employee healthcare training gaps, increase job satisfaction, reduce turnover and ultimately improve patient care.  

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Healthcare workers impaired on the job

Workers who drink or use drugs may be able to hide their impairment from the boss, but sometimes the residents can tell right away, explains SNF resident blogger Kathleen Mears.

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Watch your back

As OSHA rules become more stringent, senior living organizations are giving more attention to healthy habits to avoid staff back injuries—and not just when lifting a resident.

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Facility staff and cell phones

Resident blogger Kathleen Mears remembers when cell phones were first introduced in her nursing home and how much the etiquette and technology has changed.

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PA nursing home workers want $15 minimum wage

Current contracts for SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania are set to expire at the end of March, and nursing home workers fair wages, affordable healthcare and improved staffing in their new contracts.

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Woodbriar’s plan to address resident death unacceptable, say Mass. state regulators

Woodbriar Health Center must resubmit a plan to the state health department. The facility, owned by Synergy Health, has been making headlines for a resident’s death, scabies outbreak and substandard care.

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Study finds toxic co-workers surprisingly productive, rule abiding

Forget the blabbermouths, brown nosers, con artists and incompetent workers. The worker who could be causing the most harm to your organization could also be one of your most productive workers, researchers found. 

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6 ways to manage family expectations in dementia care

People aren't perfect. Neither are memory care facilities. Consultant Michael Gill advises how to keep dementia residents and their loved ones happy by helping families to set realistic facility and caregiving expectations from the start. 

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