LTC trends report: Reimbursement #1 challenge, technology #1 game changer

Amid the cuts in payments and struggles with occupancy rates, the current long-term care business environment has opportunities for innovation in cost models, care delivery models and technology-driven value, notes the 28th annual Licensed Nursing Facility Cost Comparison.

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RICO suit filed against nursing home workers unions

HealthBridge files a RICO lawsuit against nursing home workers unions as the strike begun in July continues.

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AHCA/NCAL: Keynote inspires the big heart in LTC’s small businesses

Is long-term care the corporate “little engine that could”? Business strategy author Jim Collins, the keynote speaker at Monday’s opening of the AHCA/NCAL Annual Conference and Expo, offers inspiration to attendees on being successful in business amid the challenges that the LTC market presents.

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AHCA/NCAL: Future of LTC relies on leadership and resilience

A few raindrops didn't dampen the spirits of more than 2,000 attendees and 350+ vendors who celebrated the resilience and discussed the challenges of long-term care on today's opening day of the AHCA/NCAL Conference and Expo in Tampa, Fla.

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Surveys show AL providers dedicated to providing high-quality care

The results are in. Two surveys measuring resident and staff satisfaction show that participating assisted living providers are focused on not only resident satisfaction, but staff satisfaction as well.

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Washington Post buys LTC company, invests in home and hospice care

One of the nation's best-known newspaper companies just joined the long-term care market. Read More »

LTC caregivers had lowest rates of vaccination in 2011-12 flu season

Caregivers know the importance of protecting seniors from the dangers of seasonal influenza. So why are long-term care workers in last place, when it comes to getting vaccinated themselves? Read More »

New website helps employers navigate benefit changes under ACA

In California, business owners are taking a positive approach to the ACA. Answers to their questions on how to provide the health benefit to employees and comply with the ACA mandate are available online. Read More »

Tackling the troubled LTC facility

Joining an organization with problems can “make or break” a new administrator or DON. This could be an opportunity to become a hero, not only to the organization but to the residents as well. Read More »

One-on-one with… Dianne Timmering

Long-Term Living talks with Dianne Timmering, vice president of spirituality at Signature HealthCARE, about how Signature has revamped its corporate culture and employee retention strategy while providing spiritual support for its residents. Read More »

How LGBT-friendly is your LTC community?

As the baby boomer generation ages, long-term care is seeing an emergence of care facilities and policies that are designed to bring care equity to residents who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. How have you taken proactive steps to make sure your caregivers are educated in cultural acceptance? Read More »

No mandatory overtime for nurses in 17 states

In early August, Massachusetts became the 17th state to protect registered nurses from mandatory overtime. Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick signed a healthcare law that identifies restrictions. In California and Missouri, regulations contain provisions for mandatory overtime. Read More »

The cultural diversity challenge

To address cultural differences, many organizations make an effort to learn about the cultural practices of the different groups represented in the community. But sharing our cultural norms isn’t enough. What is most important to addressing the challenges of difference is to create a culture of respect, where each person feels valued and accepted. Read More »

5 ways to improve your hiring process

Better interviewing leads to better short-lists, and ultimately to better new employees. Rebecca McNeil, educational content manager at HealthcareSource, a provider of healthcare HR software, shares some strategies for finding new employees that truly match the culture and quality of your facility. Read More »

Nursing home cutbacks could tally $65 billion over next decade

The unfortunate overlap of multiple payment-reduction laws and regulations could add up to $65 billion less for skilled nursing home budgets over the next 10 years, according to nationwide data released today. Read More »

AHIP: More companies choosing high-deductible health plans

A low-premium, high-deductible health plan used to be viewed as "the single consumer's plan." Now, high-deductible plans are a favorite of employers, especially for large-group coverage. Read More »

LeadingAge launches financial assessment and referral service

LeadingAge has started a financial and legal advice service for its not-for-profit members. Struggling facilities can request an assessment and receive advice from experts for free. Read More »

Family members: 5 ways to turn fault finders into fans

For most families, entry into a nursing home is like being teleported onto a strange new planet. The arrival is often swift and unanticipated, and the customs are foreign and frequently unnerving. Consider what services you can offer to improve the experience of anxious family members. Read More »

Symptoms of depression in hospital nurses are greater than in the general population

Sadly, many hospital nurses are depressed according to a study funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Interdisciplinary Nursing Quality Research Initiative. Read More »

By 2020, 5.2 million more healthcare workers will be needed, study says

However the Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, the need for additional healthcare workers at all levels will continue to grow. Read More »

AMA works with insurers to cut medical claim errors

Making the claims processing more efficient, leads to savings and allows physicians to spend more time on patient care and less on payment reconciliations. Read More »

TV show inspires creativity in LTC staff

I admit it. On Sunday nights I watch The Apprentice. Watching the team dynamics and project development is compelling entertainment for me. I recently heard about a CCRC in Spring, Texas, that has adopted the show’s format as a team-building project. Read More »

Opportunities for enhancement

In Texas, an innovative approach by academia and the long-term care industry to improve the culture of long-term care offers CNAs education to improve their skill levels and professionalism. With this background in critical thinking, they can begin to take their first steps on the career ladder. Read More »

Teamwork, communication tied to quality of nursing home care

Nursing homes that foster an environment in which workers feel they are valued contributors to a team of caregivers provide better care to their residents, according to a new study. Read More »

5 team building practices that will make your staff want to stay

When it comes to building a team, forget corporate retreats and singing “Kumbaya” around the campfire. Here are five practical, easy-to-incorporate strategies you can use at your nursing stations starting today. Read More »

Dedicated staff enhances a facility’s reputation

In every walk of life there are people who go beyond the parameters of their job description. Long-term care has no shortage of these dedicated employees who give the best of themselves to the residents they serve. Read More »

Pennsylvania adopts electronic fingerprinting for LTC workers

In Pennsylvania, all applicants to LTC facilities and other agencies that care for the elderly must pass criminal background checks. Read More »

Nursing’s top 10 pressing issues

A newly released book, “The Power of Ten—2011-2013: Nurse Leaders Address the Profession’s 10 Most Pressing Issues,” takes on hot button topics, with input from more than 30 international nurse leaders. Read More »

Direct care, America’s fastest-growing occupation

The growth in home care positions, both home health aides and personal care aides, is expected to far surpass positions for nursing aides, as more elders demand—and states seek to provide—home and community-based services. Read More »

HHS urges healthcare workers to be aware of hepatitis risk

HHS declares May 19 as the first-ever National Hepatitis Testing Day. Millions of Americans carry the virus, presenting a danger to themselves and others. Read More »