Kevin Kolus

Kevin Kolus wrote for I Advance Senior Care / Long-Term Living when he was an editor. He left the brand in 2012. He is now senior communications manager at Cleveland Clinic.

Larry Minnix’s 6 leadership imperatives for the future of aging services

During today’s general session at the LeadingAge annual meeting in Washington, D.C., Larry Minnix delivered his state of the association speech with Read More »

Could caregivers bring themselves to strike?

I worked at a unionized grocery store during college, which I did not initially give much thought to aside from questioning the $6 in dues deducted Read More »

Investor dreams big, starts small

Rendering by Rees Associates, Inc. The first Prevarian Senior Living community, Wyoming Springs Assisted Living and Memory Care in Round Rock, Read More »

Provider associations displeased with nursing home painkiller bill

A bill introduced last month by Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.), titled the “Nursing Home Resident Pain Relief Act of 2011,” requires major revisions if it Read More »

Developer talks about the future of long-term care

Allan R. Brown, Jr., is co-founder and principal of Prevarian Senior Living, a relatively new real estate development and investment firm based in Read More »

NIC’s Kramer addresses seniors housing with unbridled sense of urgency

Bob Kramer wants to know: Are you ready to ride the wave? No, not that fast-becoming-a-cliché silver tsunami, although that has something to do Read More »

CMS to release customizable nurse aide training modules

Last month, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released a memo explaining that the Affordable Care Act mandates enhanced annual nurse Read More »

Scientific community talks fall prevention

For all the strife that was the Summer of 2011-what with its shameful debt deal-or-default fervor, or that punctuating 11.1 percent Medicare Read More »

N.C. nursing home killer gets life in prison

Conflicting feelings flooded the news and Web this past weekend, for Robert Stewart, who killed eight people in a North Carolina nursing home in Read More »

Invoking the right to die presents a no-win situation for providers

Paula Span, of the popular The New Old Age blog, wrote last week about an elderly couple who roused all kinds of turmoil at their assisted living Read More »

Fall prevention programs receive a new review

Fall prevention strategies have been paid a fair amount of scientific attention as of late. Last month, I wrote on this blog about two researchers Read More »

Introducing some fresh faces

You may have noticed over the past month a few new contributors to the Long-Term Living blog. Hopefully, you have already checked out their expert Read More »

Rehab with Heart

The educators (from left): Karla Reese, OT; Barbara Bliss, AD; Theresa Schultz, RN, DCD; and Sue Kocin, RD, LD. Theresa Schultz is Read More »

Man admits to nursing home killings 2 years ago

Robert Stewart earlier this week admitted in court that he shot and killed eight people in a North Carolina nursing home back in March 2009. Even Read More »

Leads aplenty on the Web

When one of the nation's largest senior living companies is getting 25 percent of its leads from online senior placement and other referral Read More »

Fall prevention strategies under scrutiny

How about this for a bold statement: Patient falls in hospital settings should not be considered preventable. That’s the conclusion of a recent Read More »

Nursing homes at heart of new budget rhetoric

Bloomberg yesterday released the results of a national poll it conducted last weekend showing that a majority of Americans feel they would be worse Read More »

The comment period ended, but the story on ACOs is far from over

Since the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ended its comment period on the Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) proposed rules this past Read More »

The nurse assessment coordinator defined

One of the hallmark traits of a dedicated individual is his or her desire to revisit a completed work, seemingly compelled to reflect on the minutiae Read More »

‘The vulnerability of leadership’

(Photo: George H. Long) Marianna Grachek, 61, celebrates five years as president and CEO of the American College of Health Care Administrators Read More »

She needs to go into assisted living

I had seen her a few times on the bus ride home from work: late 20s, window seat, cell phone pressed to ear. She looked the same every day, and like Read More »

Washington State cracks down on senior placement

If you’ve ever used a senior placement company to generate leads, you’ve probably found them to be professional and hassle-free, serving both your Read More »

How will post-acute providers get paid in ACOs?

Accountable Care Organizations are one of the hottest topics within healthcare circles right now. That much is not debatable, as hospitals and Read More »

Introducing: Mark Parkinson…

Left to right: Mark Parkinson’s official headshot with the American Health Care Association and the National Center for Assisted Living Read More »

An old friend makes a comeback

Picture used with permission from Orkin Commercial Services. It comes out at night to gorge on human blood. It prefers unpleasant, uncomfortable Read More »

Service simplifies deceased debt collection

A lot of product releases and vendor promises float into Long-Term Living's office inboxes each day, almost all of them with labels of uniqueness. Read More »

At length with Larry Minnix: ACOs, false economies, and Paul Ryan’s budget

At a press briefing this afternoon during the LeadingAge (formerly AAHSA) Future of Aging Services Conference in Washington, D.C., association Read More »

Why senior living professionals shouldn’t act like posers

Steve Farber wants you to throw out every catchword you know. Well, except for one: leadership. A management guru and president of Extreme Read More »

What makes you attractive to investors?

It’s no secret that real estate investment trusts (REITs) have become heavily engaged in the healthcare industry, and they are especially active in Read More »

National LTC insurance ready to roll out in … Taiwan?

Medicaid has seen better days. A draft of the Republican fiscal 2012 budget is calling for $1 trillion in cuts over 10 years to the entitlement Read More »