Serving our readers, one update at a time

With a new website come new opportunities. Now that we’ve settled in with the functionality of our revamped site, it’s worth noting some changes to Long-Term Living’s publishing schedules—changes that you may already be enjoying (without knowing it).

First, the biggest: We are no longer “dumping” our print content on the website each month after the current month’s issue mails. Instead, every day of the week our homepage and social media pages are populated with new articles that are meant for both online and print publication. This allows us to compile our current issue weeks in advance of the print mailing and provide our readers with the freshest content they’ve ever had.

Speaking of the current issue, you may also notice a new feature: the digital edition, which becomes available a few days after the current issue is updated each month. While Long-Term Living had been utilizing a digital edition before, we never displayed it prominently. And to those readers who had used our previous digital edition, you’ll notice a night and day difference in how the new platform works. For the best experience, load the digital edition on your iPad, Kindle Fire or other tablet computer.

Lastly, to our e-newsletter subscribers, you’ve already seen two editions of the Technology Monthly, which compiles complementary content in the tech space you may have missed throughout the month. As Long-Term Living continues to track reader engagement and content trends, we’ll develop even more e-newsletter offerings to deliver you the content you want to read.

Then again, you could just tell us what you want. Is there specific content you would like us to cover? Write in the comments below, or send me an email at

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