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  • New White Paper: The What, How and Why of Social SEO

    Needless to say, social media has evolved massively over the past decade. Today’s use of social networking sites among Boomers and Seniors stands at more than 50 percent and over 30 percent respectively. And not surprisingly, search engines want to capitalize on the social signals produced when these millions of users participate in social networks. The challenge for today’s Senior Living marketer is to learn how to optimize for those signals and integrate them into an SEO program.

  • Executives Perspectives: Shockwaves in Senior living

    Senior living is not what it used to be, with mounting regulations, higher consumer expectations and increasing competition.

    Learn from a key executive at Watermark Retirement Communities on how the organization is succeeding by remaining flexible and creative in their approach to care and service.

    Get best practices and first-hand experiences about key issues, including:

  • Partnership in meeting residents’ needs

    As a third generation long-term care provider, Perry Farmer, President and founding member of Crossroads Hospice, helps nursing facilities answer key questions in their operations. Why should I utilize hospice for my residents? How can hospice benefit my residents and my facility? How do I choose the right hospice? What expectations are reasonable and how do I manage my hospice vendors?

  • Proven ROI for senior care, from Healthsense technology

    eNeighbor®, developed by Healthsense, is a state-of-the-art remote monitoring system that enhances care delivery, lowers costs and helps to generate service package revenue. And it improves satisfaction for residents, caregivers and families. The proof is in the numbers. Research studies show that eNeighbor systems have helped senior care communities realize 3 times more revenue in service packages, improve staff efficiency by 40 hours per week and reduce move-outs by 27%.

    Download this free whitepaper to see the documented results.


  • A Puzzle of Prevention: Recognizing the role of delirium in preventing rehospitalization

    With as many as 20% of seniors over 70 years old hospitalized with delirium, it is critical for skilled nursing, assisted living and home care providers to recognize the role it plays in rehospitalization.  The inability to recognize delirium and understand it as an indicator of an underlying true physical medical emergency increases rehospitalizations and puts a resident or patient at a significant health risk.  Download this Free White Paper to learn more about:

  • Why Risk It? A Case Against Bed Rails for Fall Management

    Senior living communities already know how important it is to have a fall prevention or fall management system in place. But are bed rails really a safe method to prevent falls? Year after year, bed rails have proven to be an ineffective, and even dangerous, method of fall management, especially for seniors with memory-based diseases like Alzheimer’s. Just how dangerous are bed rails? And what are some safer, alternate options?

    This white paper explores the potential danger of bed rails, including:

  • Use Digital Marketing to Generate Inquiries, Referrals and Admissions

    Today, more than 80% of adults age 50+ use the Internet to research health and wellness information. Will you be found by people who are looking for your services? You can have the newest building or the highest quality of care, but if you can’t be found online, you will be at a disadvantage in today’s digital world. This valuable white paper outlines how you can generate inquiries, referrals and admissions by creating a digital footprint, getting your site found and tracking performance.

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  • Riverside Healthcare System Uses WLAN to Improve Patient Care

    Read this case study to learn how a healthcare organization with four facilities utilized a WLAN solution to eliminate slow client performance, centralize configuration and monitoring and open the door to many labor-saving applications.

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  • Your How-to Guide for Managing the Affordable Care Act

    Navigating the Affordable Care Act: An Employer’s Guide to Managing Costs and Compliance in an ACA World

    Download this how-to guide to determining the best workforce management solutions to ease compliance with the Affordable Care Act. Learn how easy it is to track, automate, and analyze data from across your organization and generate: