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White papers

  • eBook: Good Choices for Good Changes: Using Data to Improve Facility Transitions

    Continuing education for physicians, constantly improving on medications, and updating and upgrading facilities keep the “long-term” in “long-term living,” but how do we know what’s working and what to move on from? From a medical chart to an EHR, the answer comes from data.

    In this eBook – presented by Omnicare, a CVS Health company – the importance of data in the long-term care world comes to light. Discover how detailed, accessible, and secure data can make facility transitions, medication, and general care easier for providers and patients.

  • Using Data for Quality Management and Care Collaboration

    Knowing what data is important to your organization, and then understanding how to leverage it is becoming crucial to the success of long-term care organizations. With changing payment models, providers can no longer just claim they are a ‘low-risk’ facility – they must have the data to back this up.

  • Moving Forward on Looking Back: Modern Memory Care Advancements

    Many assisted living facilities are bereft of some of the resources that skilled nursing facilities have. Patients with memory diseases like Alzheimer’s previously found this difference between assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities difficult to find treatment in the former. However, recent advancements beyond pharmaceutical care have given assisted living centers the ability to effectively care for patients suffering from memory loss or dementia.

  • Read 5 Steps to Get Payroll-Based Journal Ready

    The mandatory Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) reporting requirement for skilled nursing facilities to collect and electronically submit direct care hours starts July 1, 2016.  With CMS requiring the reporting of all direct care hours – including agency and contractor hours – along with census information, providers must get ready today to

  • Overcoming the Barriers to Adopting Point-of-Care Technology

    Increase operating efficiency, improve patient care and boost therapist satisfaction.
    In order to provide effective treatment at the point-of-care, therapists must be equipped with the right tools that enhance their ability to treat patients. By leveraging point-of-care technology, therapists can significantly improve patient care, and their overall efficiency.
    Download this white paper to learn:Proven techniques to help manage therapist uncertainty and win trust and confidence

  • The Value of Social Accountability

    Partnership building with other healthcare and senior services entities in the greater community is good strategy as seamless continuums of care are being built. Mastering the art of community engagement creates great opportunities for not-for-profit senior living providers to be seen as community leaders and to brand their organization as experts in aging. Download this free white paper to discover ways to develop and enhance your organization’s commitment to a strong social accountability program.