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Housing and Health Care: Partners in Healthy Aging

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Fostering housing-healthcare partnerships can reduce unnecessary use of health services and costs by moving away from a fee-for-service model and shifting to a value-based system. This reform will hold healthcare providers accountable for the outcomes of their services and incline them to better manage chronic illnesses, leading to improved health, safety, and quality of life for residents living in affordable senior housing.

Some of the changes and challenges addressed in this white paper include:

· Changes in the payment and delivery system that work to proactively improve the health of patients

· How partnering with an Accountable Care Organization or Integrated Delivery Network as a preferred provider can earn your organization additional revenue

· How to identify, cultivate, structure, and implement new partnerships when launching a new health-related program in an affordable housing property

· Avoiding hospital readmissions for the high-risk low-income patients by ensuring that patients have adequate support and care

Download this guide to learn how initiatives to reform our health and long-term care delivery will allow residents to age successfully in their apartments and communities with the cultivation of a housing-healthcare partnership.




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