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eBook: Meet Your Next Client: Boomer Women

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This eBook, Meet Your Next Client: Boomer Women, is intended to introduce readers to the unique and perhaps surprising attributes and needs of tomorrow’s LTSS consumer — Boomer Women — as this unique cohort enters the LTSS field.

It is intended to equip readers with insights by which to optimize future planning, marketing and operations.

The emergence of Boomer Women will have tremendous impact on long-term services and supports.

But Boomer Women will truly affect LTSS due to their unique characteristics. Compared to the current population of older women, Boomer Women:

  • HEALTH: Greater longevity, but higher incidence of chronic diseases
  • ECONOMICS: Lower earnings, fewer financial resources, and expected to work longer into later years
  • EDUCATION: More highly educated due to U.S. economic prosperity and women’s rights movement
  • FAMILY: More likely to be single or divorced, and fewer children, less potential support as they age
  • DIVERSITY: Greater ethnic minority representation

Given this population’s unique experiences, Boomer Women will have very different expectations of LTSS providers, combined with less financial security.

Download this eBook today to know more about the unique attributes of Boomer Woman and how LTSS providers should prepare for: Community Engagement; Health & Wellness; Environmental Friendliness; Choice and Flexibility; as well as Technological Readiness.

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