Skilled Clinical Care

Clear skin is in

Controlling breakouts is a trying ordeal to begin with but is more difficult for blogger Kathleen Mears because of nursing home restrictions on what she can put on her face.  Read More »

Overprescribing opioids

Many surgery patients seem to have plenty of prescription pain pills left over after their recovery, and that’s a big problem, says a new JAMA study. Read More »

A step forward

Putting your best foot forward can be a challenge with stiff foot and leg muscles, blogger Kathleen Mears explains. Read More »

New pharmacy approaches to diabetes management

Pharmacists are adopting adherence programs, collaborating with the clinical care team and reviewing new industry guidelines to maintain blood sugar levels and keep comorbidities in check. Read More »

A winning combination

Over-the-counter pain relievers help resident blogger Kathleen Mears manager her pain. Read More »

Seniors underrepresented in clinical drug trials

A recent Food and Drug Administration analysis found it’s difficult to practice evidence-based medicine for seniors because there isn’t enough data on how treatments may affect them.  Read More »

Gait and cognitive decline

Gait slowing and cognitive decline have a lot in common, especially the hippocampus, according to U. Pitt researchers. Read More »

Secret hiding place

Resident blogger Kathleen Mears discovers empty wrappers for missing snacks on her roommate’s side of their shared space.  Read More »

Connecting seniors and children through technology

A program pairs up senior living residents with elementary students to capture their life stories using digital devices.  Read More »

Mind games

Researchers are reaching for new levels using video games technology for dementia treatments Read More »

Altered space

Fresh air is good for the lungs and going out can do the soul a world of good, resident blogger Kathleen Mears writes.  Read More »

Nonagenarians: Age is a mindset

Is 90 the new 40? People in their ninth decade say age is more about the way people choose to live rather than the year they were born. Read More »

Honoring veterans this July Fourth

As we celebrate America’s independence, Brookdale Senior Living and Wish of a Lifetime share how they helped four veterans take flight. Read More »

One-on-one with…Annette Gunnerson

Annette Gunnerson, the National Association of Activity Professional’s 2017 Activity Professional of the year, reflects on her nearly 30 years in long-term care and the increasing attention being paid to activities planning to improve the quality of life for residents, especially those with dementia. Read More »

An awakening

Resident blogger Kathleen Mears watches as one resident transforms after she gets a fork in her hand and starts feeding herself. Read More »

A beary good cause

An Oregon retirement community has made more than 10,000 teddy bears for children in crisis over the last decade. Read More »

LTC celebrates 40th National Nursing Assistants Week

This week we salute the hard work and dedication of nursing assistants, the front-line eyes, ears and hearts of senior care. Read More »

A senior parade

 A Minnesota town throws a parade for seniors in a long-term care facility. Read More »

93-year-old skydives—again

A Canadian retirement community helped one man cross something off his bucket list. Read More »

Artery health related to diet

New research has found aging blood vessels is more of a reflection of a sedentary culture than genetics, suggesting healthy aging is possible.  Read More »

In remembrance of Annie

Resident blogger Kathleen Mears reflects on nearly 18 years of friendship with a fellow resident. Read More »

The chronic illness of isolation

Social isolation and loneliness can have such serious effects on mental and physical health that experts are calling them “the new smoking.” Read More »

Mobility aids increase falls risk with dementia

Researchers examine the likelihood of falling when people with dementia use a cane or walker.  Read More »

Substance abuse among older adults

What’s the profile of a drug abuser? Unfortunately, one of the age groups seeing increased opioid misuse is age 50-64. Read More »

Mealtime assistance

Having someone help you eat is one thing but having a separate feeding room makes resident blogger Kathleen Mears anxious.  Read More »

A senior celebration

A New York skilled nursing facility celebrates 11 resident centenarians. Read More »

From tree to table

One Northeast retirement community is going straight to the source, its grounds, to provide residents a sweet treat.  Read More »

Recurrent falls linked to foot pain, posture

Researchers found increased recurrent falls can be attributed to foot pain and flat feet.  Read More »

Resident tapped to play ball

One lucky resident won the chance to throw the first pitch ahead of a minor-league baseball team. Read More »

Leading a multi-generational staff

From senior volunteers to Generation Z, intergenerational staff teams can be an energizing force or an infighting nightmare. Read More »