The Top Secrets Employees Aren’t Telling You: Culture Change in Modern Long-Term Care

According to Daniel Pink in his 2015 Leading Age keynote address, the concepts of autonomy, mastery, and performance are the key cruxes of staff motivation—but there are secrets that both skilled nursing and assisted living staffs aren’t telling leadership teams that are impacting their ability to drive culture change.

In this podcast, the Institute for the Advancement of Senior Care (IASC) sits down with Denise Boudreau-Scott, President and Owner of Drive, to discuss these critical staff secrets, staffing trends, and the keys to “deinstitutionalizing” long-term care in the future. As a veteran staffing consultant and market researcher, Denise shares how the little gestures of staff recognition add up, how staff motivation factors play a role in the equation, and how recent research supports how these concepts improve five-star quality ratings while furthering person-centered care.


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