93-year-old skydives—again

At 93, Arthur Thomas Angell is taking flight. Literally.

“One thing led to another,” and Angell found himself skydiving from an airplane at 10,000 feet.

Angell went skydiving as part of a program LaSalle Park Retirement Community offers residents, Living Life, to fulfill wishes.

“I was a little reticent as to what I was getting into,” Angell says to InsideHalton.com.

And with a push, he and his tandem master were free falling over Niagara, Canada, for nearly a minute of calm and quiet before his parachute opened. Angell admired the view but quipped he felt better once the parachute opened.

Angell was a Royal Air Force flight engineer on Halifax bombers during World War II. He says he tried skydiving a decade ago out of curiosity. 

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