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Addressing Common Technology Security Issues in Senior Care Settings

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The Promise of Voice Tech in Senior Living: A Q&A with Fahad Aziz of Caremerge

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Protecting Your Residents From Financial Exploitation

Financial exploitation or abuse of older adults occurs when a person’s resources are used by another for personal profit or gain, or actions are taken that deprive an older person of his or her rightful benefits. No one is immune. This sort of theft can happen to anyone, regardless of social standing or education levels. Read More »

5 Steps to Preventing Cyberattacks

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Connecting with a church

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Person-centered care improves resident satisfaction

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Telehealth: The future of senior living

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A live feed of nursing home life

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When domestic violence comes to work

Employers should create safety policies and procedures for handling domestic violence before it arrives on the doorstep. Read More »

When domestic violence doesn’t stay at home

Employers should create safety policies and procedures for handling domestic violence before it arrives on the doorstep. Read More »

Altered space

Fresh air is good for the lungs and going out can do the soul a world of good, resident blogger Kathleen Mears writes.  Read More »

HIPAA privacy meets BYOD

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When privacy matters

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Ability to access online medical records trumps privacy concerns

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Nurses’ station renovations give staff needed privacy

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CNA uses Facebook to violate resident privacy, dignity

All of the policy in the world likely would not stop someone from going as heinously rogue as this nursing assistant. That type of behavior considers neither rules nor decorum and should be met with zero tolerance on the part of employers. Read More »

Physician visits and resident privacy

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When Do Privacy Violations Become News?

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