Electronic health records

ONC names Karen DeSalvo, MD, new national coordinator for HIT

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology has named Karen DeSalvo, MD, as its next leader. Read More »

Hospice care gets big help from big data

Predictive modeling software helps hospice service providers identify care candidates. Read More »

Information sharing, integration needed in LTC: survey

A survey of the 100 largest not-for-profit providers of senior care identifies strengths and weaknesses in the industry's use of technology. Read More »

EHR provider bites into meal management

A leading EHR provider for the LTC market acquires a leading provider of nutritional management software.  Read More »

One medical visit reveals much about Alzheimer’s progression: study

One medical visit is all it takes to gather enough data to predict how long it will be before someone with Alzheimer’s disease needs professional long-term care or dies, according to new research. Read More »

Experian buys Passport Health

A national credit reporting company acquires a key healthcare insurance eligibility clearinghouse, further expanding its footprint in the healthcare IT arena.  Read More »

Many e-Rx alerts are being ignored

Study reveals that healthcare providers override more than half of e-Rx alerts.  Read More »

One on one with… Larry Wolf

Technology-related issues and trends in long-term care were on the agenda when Larry Wolf, health information technology strategist with post-acute service provider Kindred Healthcare, recently spoke with Long-Term Living. Read More »

2 technology-related action steps for long-term care providers

Communication is at the heart of two relationships vital to success in technology implementation and use in long-term care, according to one expert. Read More »

4 technology trends in post-acute and long-term care

Care, staffing, and workflow processes and tools all are changing as technology and the healthcare system adapt to one another, according to one expert. Read More »

Report: Less than 1/5 of LTC communities had EHRs in 2010

Long-term care communities have made strides in technology acceptance, but most still lag far behind acute care in electronic health record system adoption. Read More »

Technology grows as a priority for LTC business

Got tech? Many long-term care communities are already adopting electronic health records, but Long-Term Living’s readers told us their technology plans also include e-medication administration technology, wander management/safety systems and an increasing awareness of the business impacts of technology on delivering quality care. Read More »

RACs are effective, but CMS should provide better oversight, says OIG report

Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs) are doing an effective job of rooting out Medicare fraud and billing errors, but federal Medicare agencies need to be more diligent about tracking cases, a new government report says. Read More »

Assisted Living 2.0

As more seniors age in place, the assisted living model undergoes a substantial redesign to meet the needs of the coming Baby Boomer generation and the increasing need for memory care. Read More »

Remote patient-monitoring technology still faces reimbursement roadblock

Device improvements as well as changes in government incentives, nursing staffing levels and the size of the senior population will lead to greater adoption of telemedicine in long-term care, but reimbursement remains a challenge for now. Read More »

What a difference one year makes

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services birthed several key initiatives last year, including edicts to reduce unnecessary antipsychotic drug doses,  preventable readmissions and avoidable infections. In other words, edicts for long-term care to do its job right. Read More »

Mostashari steps down from ONC

Farzad Mostashari, head of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) for the past four years, has announced his resignation. Read More »

Medical record access focus of 10-state HIE effort

Ensuring the availability of medical records after a disaster is the goal of a new collaboration involving 10 states. Read More »

LeadingAge CAST releases new EHR matrix, adds 14 new systems

LeadingAge CAST’s new EHR whitepaper and matrix brings 14 more vendors into the mix, increases research value for long-term and post-acute care organizations searching for an EHR system. Read More »

CMS clarifies confusing scoring for ADLs

AANAC's Judi Kulus explains the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services attempt to iron out the confusing rules for coding activities of daily living (ADLs) under the RAI User's Manual. Read More »

Healthland buys American HealthTech

Two technology companies combine their products to provide electronic data documentation across the care continuum—from hospitals to SNFs to home care. Read More »

Protecting your digital assets

If you've got data, you've got risks. A former White House CIO shares insights and advice on safeguarding LTC’s valuable data in an increasingly mobile and cloud-based world. Read More »

Qualcomm, HealthyCircles team up for care-coordination data

A telecom giant and a care-coordination software company join forces to improve care transitions and data capture at home. Read More »

Long-term care is slow to adopt health information technology

It’s time for long-term care to stop resisting the use of health information technology and embrace it to provide better care for residents, according to a report from the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health Information Technology. Read More »

Technology reaches further into long-term and post-acute care policy

Health information technology and long-term care, once rarely found in the same conversation, are now topics of discussion within multiple policy-making bodies and workgroups. Read More »

6 leading EMR companies form alliance for compatibility, record exchange

Six weighty electronic medical record (EMR) companies decide to set competition aside and form an alliance to improve EMR compatibility and medical record access across the care chain. Read More »

CMS: Penalties are working to reduce hospital readmissions

New data on hospital readmission shows that healthcare reform is making an impact--changing the rates for the first time in five years, says CMS. Read More »

Proactive strategies to reduce hospital readmissions

Skilled nursing providers (SNFs) are all too familiar with the challenge of preventing hospital readmissions for residents. In a recent Long-Term Living webinar that addressed this very issue, Maria Arellano, MS, RN, Clinical Product Manager, American HealthTech, reviewed the scope of the challenge and offered proactive strategies for providers to consider in their continuing quest to reduce hospital readmissions. Read More »

“The Gray Lady” stumbles: How could The New York Times get things so wrong?

It honestly pains me to say it, but The New York Times, America’s most substantive daily newspaper, has gotten things completely wrong when it comes to its recent coverage of the HITECH Act and electronic health records. And what the Times says matters. Read More »

UnitedHealthcare partners with largest U.S. retirement community

An unusual partnership between a Medicare insurance carrier and a fast-growing retirement community creates new business models for both. Read More »