Culture Change

Recruiting young talent and the tech factor

How can organizations attract, engage and retain the next generation of caregivers? Hint: Technology is your friend, not your enemy in helping caregivers get the job done, says a long-term care COO. Read More »

Census: Senior women have higher poverty rate than men

The United States Census Income and Poverty report found 14.7 percent of women over at 75 are living in poverty. Read More »

Daytona Beach college students to bunk with local seniors

A group of Stetson University students will share a hotel-turned-assisted living facility with Daytona Beach's older adults.  Read More »

What is your facility’s bullying policy?

What happens when one of your residents is the victim of bullying? Do you have a policy in place to address it? Read More »

Larry Minnix reflects on his seriously fun time as LeadingAge chief

Looming federal elections present the perfect time to step aside and let a successor fill his shoes, LeadingAge President and CEO Larry Minnix tells Long-Term Living in an exclusive interview. Read More »

Project aims to unify perceptions of aging

The Leaders of Aging Organizations collaborative and the FrameWorks Institute have produced a report to help develop a narrative of the aging process that is shared by healthcare experts, advocates and older adults. Read More »

Is it time for an attitude adjustment?

Speakers at the White House Conference on Aging’s regional event April 27 in Cleveland said the time has come for members of our society to change the way they think about the aging process and older adults. Do you agree? Read More »

Moments with Marie

Staff personalities and attitudes can make or break a resident’s day. Sincere friendliness can help a resident have a better day. Read More »

Trained staff enhance the resident experience

Ramp up staff knowledge and create buy-in to improve resident experiences by using the latest training programs and approaches. Read More »

Nurse leaders improve dementia care

By educating staff, experienced nurse leaders are instrumental in the transformation of memory care communities into life-affirming homes for residents with Alzheimer's disease or other dementias. Read More »

Alarms: A safety must or maybe?

A skilled nursing facility in a New York hospital has removed bed/chair fall alarm systems to becoming an alarm-free care setting in an innovative program to improve residents' quality of care and quality of life. Read More »

One-on-one with…Gary Glazner

People with Alzheimer's or other dementias have found a champion in Gary Glazner, founder and executive director of the Alzheimer's Poetry Project. Blending poetry with the arts in an innovative program provides a pathway to the hearts and souls of people with memory loss. Read More »

6 challenges facing those serving seniors in 2015

In this multi-part series, Long-Term Living takes a look at six challenges facing those who serve older adults in the new year. Read More »

My most popular content on social media in 2014

I enjoy trying to help you be successful in your professional life. This review of analytics uncovers the issues of most importance to Long-Term Living’s and my friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Read More »

Hot topics: QAPI

Read our complete series on the 12 steps of quality assurance and performance improvement by Nell Griffin, LPN, EdM. Read More »

Providers must change the language of aging, speakers say

Senior living housing and services providers can—and should—direct efforts to alter negative language and perceptions related to age and aging, LeadingAge leaders say. Read More »

Appreciation can lead to great work

Employers and employees benefit when managers take the time to recognize the efforts of workers, according to a speaker at the AHCA/NCAL annual meeting. Read More »

OPTIMA Award: Reading series keeps residents with dementia learning

Keeping reading skills honed helps those with dementia stay focused throughout the day. Benchmark Senior Living, the 2014 winner of Long-Term Living's OPTIMA Award, uses hundreds of reading booklets to keep residents' minds engaged in learning new things. Read More »

Elizabeth Tracy, RN, wins McHugh leadership award

This year's winner of the LeadingAge McHugh Award serves as a model for nursing leadership and resident-centered initiatives. Read More »

OPTIMA Award: Six dimensions of engagement

Benchmark Senior Living, the 2014 winner of Long-Tem Living's OPTIMA Award, uses six dimensions of engagement in its memory care program to stimulate different parts of the brain and keep residents with dementia involved and focused. Read More »

2014 OPTIMA Award: An engaged journey

This year’s winner of the Long-Term Living OPTIMA Award, Benchmark Senior Living, has taken dementia care programming far beyond reminiscing, brain-games and once-a-day-activities. Here's the story of how its award-winning programming got started, and how the lives of residents can be changed when engagement happens all day long instead of just during "activity hour." Read More »

One-on-one with… Robert (Robb) White

Long-term care organizations would be wise to reevaluate their dining programs to satisfy the adventurous and sophisticated palates of the new senior population. One noted chef shares his philosophy and vision of wedding good nutrition with high-end culinary options. Read More »

NCAL updates assisted living principles

The National Center for Assisted Living puts an increased focus on culture change, training and safety in a newly revised guide. Read More »

Comfort focus improves lives of those with advanced dementia

Prioritizing comfort in the care of residents with advanced dementia enabled one nursing home to reap many rewards for residents and their families, the community and staff members. Its innovative model was detailed in a Sept. 8 workshop convened by the Institute of Medicine. Read More »

Quality improvement program for assisted living released

A program to reduce hospital readmissions among residents of skilled nursing facilities has been adapted for use by assisted living providers. Read More »

One-on-one with…Leah Klusch

Making use of newer guidance and data from the government, as well as improving communication with other entities and perfecting a person-centered approach to care, should be priorities for clinical and operational leaders in long-term care, according to the executive director of an educational foundation and consultancy. Read More »

Older adults compete in Gay Games

Older adults are well-represented at the international Gay Games 2014, which began Aug. 9 in Northeast Ohio. Read More »

Anyone for hummus?

Appetites change, and dietary requirements might need adjustment, but meals always should be appetizing and healthful. A little creativity in the kitchen also is a plus. Read More »

Those with dementia benefit from peer support groups

Peer support groups positively affect people in the early stages of dementia, according to the results of a project. Read More »

Exercise: An important 25 minutes in a senior’s day

Engaging in a daily fitness regimen of moderate to vigorous exercise can help seniors maintain a better standard of health, according to a UK study. Read More »