Culture Change

Affording the household model

“Household model” senior living environments are attractive to residents for their person-centered care and resident quality of life, but are they financially viable?  Read More »

Shortage of female urologists met with growing need

A recent study has found women prefer to see female urologists, but that can be a challenge because female urologists are a small minority.  Read More »

Dementia-friendly dining

Industry innovators are pushing the meal ticket far beyond fish sticks and apple slices. Read More »

Ruta Kadonoff: Culture change and a side of bacon

Ruta Kadonoff, the newly-appointed executive director of Pioneer Network, opens the organization's 2016 conference by reflecting on what she's learned from past pioneers, and how together, we can change the culture of aging. Read More »

Leadership for culture change

Culture change is easy to spot after it’s happened. It’s much harder to discern while it’s in progress—when it’s still just a single, bright torch held by a single person. Do you have a staff inspirer at your facility? Read More »

Working on dreaming

Senior Editor Nicole Stempak reflects on lessons learned from Argentum’s annual Senior Living Executive conference. Read More »

Assisted living from an international perspective

Conferences are always a source for inspiration for what's to come. Long-Term Living spoke with two attendees who came from Chile to attend the Argentum Senior Living Executive conference and learn how to improve long-term care. Read More »

10 ways to serve a diverse population

Diversity is more than a buzzword or a fad. It's a movement to be more accepting and inclusive. In order to serve a diverse population, members must first be treated as individuals.  Read More »

Nurses celebrate Nursing Home Week

It’s time to say a double thanks to nurses, nursing aides and all nursing home staffers as the industry celebrates Nurses Week and Nursing Home Week. Read More »

6 ways to avoid meaningless meetings

Does your staff groan when it’s time for yet another meeting? Try these strategies to put your meetings back on the fast track—and get your staff back to work. Read More »

2016 Leaders of Tomorrow: Tanner Mitchell

Our final Leaders of Tomorrow award winner is Tanner Mitchell, administrator and president of Brentwood Health Care Center in Santa Monica, Calif. Mitchell has rolled up his sleeves to start several initiatives, partner with phsycians and build a culture of customer service—all in under three years. Read More »

2016 Leaders of Tomorrow: Bruce Williams

In our second installment of the 2016 Leaders of Tomorrow award winners, we honor Bruce Williams, senior services coordinator with The Pride Center at Equality Park in Wilton Manors, Fla. As an openly-gay older adult with more than 25 years in long-term care, he sees the importance of outreach and the need for inclusion. Read More »

Joshua Freitas named NCCDP’s 2016 educator of the year

The National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners has named a former OPTIMA award winner the educator of the year for educating—and inspiring—frontline staff on dementia care. Read More »

Case Study: Assistive services bridging the gap

Sometimes a bit of help and some occasional services are all seniors need to retain independence a little longer—and stay out of a higher level of care. Read how one senior living organization’s idea for boutique services changed its residents’ lives in just two years. Read More »

Bad news not necessarily bad for employee engagement

Administrators and executives, take note. Bad news doesn’t have to make employees feel blue, or worse, damper engagement and morale. The way people feel and react to news depends on how the information is presented.  Read More »

Study finds toxic co-workers surprisingly productive, rule abiding

Forget the blabbermouths, brown nosers, con artists and incompetent workers. The worker who could be causing the most harm to your organization could also be one of your most productive workers, researchers found.  Read More »

How did you die?

Author Brandy Schillace explores how we talk about death and how the end-of-life conversation needs to be reshaped. Read More »

7 steps to building a dementia-capable system

Our infrastructure wasn’t built to accommodate people with dementia, but we can build one. And it starts with proper diagnosis. Read More »

One-on-one with… Randall Holley

Great technology strategies include integrated systems and physician/nurse buy-in, says Commonwealth Care of Roanoke IT Director Randall Holley. Read More »

Proposed MA state budget includes extra $30 million for nursing homes

Nursing home workers have joine other industry workers pushing for a $15 hourly minimum wage in Massachusetts.  Read More »

Change your tone, change their tune

The way you deliver performance feedback affects how employees feel about their work. Research shows regularly praising good work improves employee engagement, retention and leads to even better work.  Read More »

Stewards of social work

Social work interns are assets to long-term care facilities. They can help bridge gaps and facilitate conversations among departments, residents and loved ones. They can help pick up slack and breathe new life into a team whose members are often overworked and understaffed.  Read More »

Eden Alternative’s Bill Thomas joins Mainstreet

The investment firm's healthcare arm taps one of the country’s most famous senior care culture change gurus. Read More »

Michigan LTC facilities aren’t prepared to care for LGBT residents

A recent survey has found a considerable lack of awareness and sensitivity for older lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender residents in long-term care. Read More »

2016 Leaders of Tomorrow nominations are open!

Do you know a caregiver, administrator, trainer or other leader who is super-passionate about improving quality care and professional care delivery to our older adults? Long-Term Living’s Leaders of Tomorrow award program is looking for senior care leaders who go above and beyond just "doing a good job." Read More »

Boost the bottom line by boosting staff morale

Surveys show that engaged staff improves morale, productivity and the bottom line. A healthcare staffing and engagement consultant offers four ways to engage with staff, shift the workplace culture and create a better experience for both staff and residents. Read More »

LeadingAge changes the name “CCRC” to reflect today’s senior values

LeadingAge is getting rid of the clunky term "continuing care retirement community," saying it's outdated and no longer reflects what seniors want or how they view themselves. A new term for the category is far better, leaders at the annual conference say. Read More »

HHS Alzheimer’s Advisory Council welcomes six new members

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Advisory Council on Alzheimer’s Research, Care and Services announced its new members this week. The council advises the HHS secretary on federal programs for people who have Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Read More »

Social media use triples among seniors

If your facility isn't on social media, the latest results from a Pew Research Center survey, could convince you to change your marketing plan. Read More »

What is the most common misconception about dementia?

After reviewing 40 research articles from 15 different countries, researchers found that the general public has a limited understanding of dementia.  Read More »