State legislator urges better options for long-term care

Over the years, more and more families ask me what kind of help is available for them and their loved ones – a working daughter whose mother with Alzheimer’s can no longer live alone; a woman whose husband with Parkinson’s needs more help than she can provide as she herself gets older; older Michiganders who live alone and are struggling to keep themselves safe and healthy without support.

It pains me that there is little we can offer them, for what many of them need – affordable, high-quality long-term care – simply doesn’t exist.

This isn’t an issue in just Michigan, according to 60th House District Jon Hoadley and the Lansing State Journal.

Nationwide, older adults and their families are facing difficult choices about long-term care (which ranges from home care to nursing homes), with few options on how to pay for it.

It often surprises people to learn that Medicare doesn’t pay for this type of care, and while Medicaid does cover long-term care costs, families have to spend down into poverty in order to qualify, something that no one should have to consider.

Long-term care insurance sold on the private market is so expensive that very few Americans are able to afford it. 

Read the full testimonial from the state legislator at the Lansing State Journal.

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