Issues in Nebraska and Kansas nursing homes may affect facilities and patients nationwide

Skyline Health Care, LLC, in Wood-Ridge, owned by Joseph Schwartz, is the parent company for those nursing homes and others in Arkansas, South Dakota, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Florida.

According to state license records and, Schwartz also owns three nursing homes with 635 beds in New Jersey:

  • Hudson View Care & Rehab Center in North Bergen, with 273 beds
  • Brookhaven Health Care Center in East Orange, with 122 beds
  • The Voorhees Care & Rehabilitation Center, with 240 beds.

Schwartz also has an adult day care center in North Bergen with 80 slots.

New Jersey Health Department officials are aware of the problems in Nebraska, said Donna Leusner, a spokeswoman. The department has not received any reports of problems in New Jersey, she added.

Skyline receives millions of dollars in revenue from various state Medicaid programs for the care of thousands of elderly residents in different states. It is based in a surprisingly modest second-floor office above a pizzeria and barbershop on Marlboro Road in Wood-Ridge.

The office was closed and dark on a recent visit, and the company’s website appears to have been taken down. The phone at the corporate offices was answered by an automated system, and company officials did not respond to a voicemail message.

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