Insurer SCAN open to work with senior living providers

One the largest non-profit Medicare Advantage (MA) health insurance companies in the nation is open to working with senior living providers as new benefits are rolled out in 2019.

Senior housing operators across the country are evaluating Medicare Advantage opportunities in light of a change announced last April. That’s when the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) stated that MA insurers would be allowed to cover non-skilled in-home care starting in 2019. Considering that assisted living providers often perform this type of care, such as helping residents with bathing and dressing, the CMS change opened up the possibility that MA dollars could start flowing to senior housing and care companies, according to Senior Housing News.

Only a small percentage of MA plans are offering these new supplemental benefits next year, according to data from AARP and health care consulting firm Avalere. However, a few insurance companies are offering some new benefits, including Long Beach, California-based SCAN, which announced its “Returning to Home” and “Home Advantage” offerings in mid-November.

SCAN serves more than 195,000 members in California, making it one of the largest nonprofit MA plan providers in the nation. SCAN was able to quickly add new supplemental home care benefits because it has covered similar services in the past, Jill Selby, corporate vice president of product development, told Senior Housing News.

From 1985 to 2004, SCAN operated as a social health maintenance organization (S/HMO), which allowed the company to offer some non-skilled in-home care benefits. In addition, SCAN covers these types of services in some of its existing special needs plans.

“We had an advantage because my playbook was wire-framed out already,” Selby told SHN.

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