Get excited for 2011

While it should never be the aim of a magazine to “stir the pot” for the sake of controversy, in the case of Long-Term Living’s upcoming January issue, such assumptions may be inevitable.

Contributing Editor Richard L. Peck (and also the former editor-in-chief of this publication) has assembled a detailed, thought-provoking, and historically sound reflective story on this field’s most influential people dating back several decades. And while Richard makes clear from the beginning that the people contained in his article are his choices alone, some of the names and faces waiting for you (and those that are absent) will undoubtedly cause a reaction. Our editors hope that you save whatever sentiments that come to mind—rebuttals, agreements, curses—and e-mail them to once the issue drops online and in your mailbox.

Other surprises are incoming. As Editor-in-Chief Patricia Sheehan previewed in her December editorial, the magazine is going to have an entirely different look, along with both new and familiar names bylining the pages. The same will be the case online, as we add more expert voices to our blog roll throughout the year.

Enjoy the holidays while they last. In 2011, Long-Term Living will have you covered.

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