Focuson Baths and Lifts

Drawsheet Clamp

The patent-pending Vander-Clip from Vancare, Inc., clamps onto a drawsheet while attached to a total lift or overhead lift. When the lift is raised, the resident is rolled onto his or her side with little or no effort from the caregiver. The efficient, one-person–operated Vander-Clip can be used with any and all total lifts and overhead lifts.

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Sit-to-Stand Lift

Invacare’s Reliant 440 Sit-to-Stand Lift is suitable for use with weight-bearing and fully dependent residents, as well as those needing rehab support. Reliant 440 has many safety features, including locking rear casters and an emergency release. The electric base width adjustment, ergonomic styling, and maneuverability provide easy and safe operation for caregivers while providing resident comfort.

With an easily removable footplate, the Reliant 440 can also be used for gait training as well as standing therapy.

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Rear-Entry Whirlpool Tub

Direct Supply offers the T.H.E. Niagara Rear-Entry Whirlpool Tub for improved resident and caregiver safety.

Niagara’s reservoir tank fills automatically in five to eight minutes as the resident is being prepared for the bath, which allows for quick immersion to preserve resident dignity and comfort. The Niagara tub also features an anti-scald device that accurately measures the bathwater temperature and automatically shuts off the hot water if it gets too hot.

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Commode Liner

Mobility Transfer Systems solves the problem of cleaning commode pails with the introduction of the Quick™ Clean Commode Liner, a self-contained disposable system. The liner (good for three to five uses) fits any standard-size commode pail and contains a gelling agent that neutralizes odor and kills bacteria, which reduces the risk of cross-contamination. To dispose, simply place the liner in the included ziplock bag and toss in the trash. The Quick Clean Commode Liner is biodegradable and landfill approved.

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End-Opening Spa

Penner’s Cascade End-Opening Spa with Aqua Aire is designed to give the resident a comfortable bath. The resident always faces forward. All-in-one transfer eliminates the need for adjustments or leveling as a result of an interior rail system.


Standing/Raising Aid

The ARJO SARA Plus is an ergonomic standing and raising aid that mobilizes residents during everyday activities such as transfers and toileting. Extra resident support is given by the Comfort Circle, which comprises the Arc-Rest and a sling selected for individual needs. The Arc-Rest is an integral part of the lifting mechanism, providing upper body support during the raising action. Another feature, the Pro-Active Pad, a height-adjustable knee support, promotes a better transition to the standing position by allowing natural flexion of the ankle.

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Compact Lift

The Ascend™ is the newest addition to the HoyerPro® family of lifts. Available from Sunrise Medical, the Ascend has a compact footprint that allows for easy and safe transfers from within a resident’s room to smaller areas, such as the bathroom. It is lightweight and has a 375-lb. lifting capacity, and is accompanied with multiple grip points for the resident. With its 4.5″ leg clearance, the Ascend fits under most low beds. Other features include a removable foot tray, adjustable knee pads, and a powered base.

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