Community task force tries to bring long-term care options back to San Juan Island

To address the crisis created by the closure of the Life Care Center of the San Juan Islands, the Community Long-Term Options Task Force was created.

According to the San Juan Journal, the task force is asking for donations and looking for passionate people who have shared their concerns about the lack of long-term care options in the county and are ready to make a new vision of health care a reality.

The task force members have identified important and beneficial options for the community since the Life Care Center closed in November 2017. These options include micro-nursing homes based off of the Green House Project model; affordable housing for low-income seniors; tele-health and social work programs; and home health and home care alternatives. To continue to the next phase of the development, a feasibility study is required.

The study will outline the following:

• The magnitude and extent of long-term care service needs on each island and identify programs to address the needs and currently available reimbursements.

• Expected capital, start-up and staffing requirements and analysis of the costs and revenues associated with each proposed program.

• Potential governance and organizational options for the program development.

Read the full story at the San Juan Journal.

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