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Technology Trends

Data Collection Devices: Pencil Pushers Needn't Apply

August 1, 2001  | 

Data Collection Devices: Pencil Pushers Needn't Apply Comments From Industry Vendors It wasn't long ago that "data collection" meant "writing stuff

Point, Click, Buy!

July 1, 2001  | 

It's happened again! In the Friday evening shift change report, an aide comments that the supply closet only has three pairs of latex gloves left.

Heads Up-CyberRatings Are Here

March 1, 2001  | 

AN INTERVIEW WITH ROBERT N. BUA  Thanks to the growth of the Internet, consumers today can find out just about anything they want to know-and that

Getting Residents Online: "We Will Get It Done"

January 1, 2001  | 

Getting residents online:            "We Will Get it done" By Linda Zinn, Managing Editor contact with family, friends and " cyberfriends" can be a


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