Argentum, OnShift working to meet workforce needs

A growing senior population needs to be met with a growing senior care workforce. Argentum and OnShift are teaming up to help providers attract and retain employees. Read More »

Help wanted: LTC hourly job positions reach peak need in next 10 years

The senior living sector could need more than a million new workers between now and 2025, especially in five key areas, says a new report from Argentum. Read More »

CT launches background check program for LTC workers

Connecticut has launched a new background check portal to allow employers to screen potential employees, contractors and volunteers who have direct contact with residents.  Read More »

Is senior living ready for a C-suite retirement exodus?

Succession planning and employee incentives will become even more important over the next few years, as more than 40 percent of senior living’s top-level executives near their own retirement ages. Read More »

Job injuries linked to job loss

Nursing home workers are more likely to be fired within six months of being injured, a new study finds. Workers are more likely to quit within six months of being injured multiple times.  Read More »

LPN the best job without a college degree

Job finder SimplyHired created a list of top jobs without college degrees. Topping the list is licensed practical nurse, with nearly 56,000 jobs available and room for growth. Read More »

Proposed MA state budget includes extra $30 million for nursing homes

Nursing home workers have joine other industry workers pushing for a $15 hourly minimum wage in Massachusetts.  Read More »

Change your tone, change their tune

The way you deliver performance feedback affects how employees feel about their work. Research shows regularly praising good work improves employee engagement, retention and leads to even better work.  Read More »

Nursing home resident dies after improper mechanical chair lift transfer

A CNA is accused of causing fatal injuries to a resident after a fall from a mechanical lift. It’s the latest report for substandard care from Synergy Health Centers.  Read More »

Dementia care and marketing workers see highest salary growth in ALFs

The 2015-2016 Assisted Living Salary and Benefits Report suggests industry growth may come from memory care and spreading the word about assisted living facilities.  Read More »

Stewards of social work

Social work interns are assets to long-term care facilities. They can help bridge gaps and facilitate conversations among departments, residents and loved ones. They can help pick up slack and breathe new life into a team whose members are often overworked and understaffed.  Read More »

NJ governor vetoes staffing minimums

Gov. Chris Christie rejected legislation to set patient quotas for certified nursing assistants who work in nursing homes. The legislation was intended to improve residentsafety and quality of life. Read More »

HHS needs a plan to meet healthcare workforce needs

A new report by the Government Accountably Office found the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service doesn't have a formal review process to ensure workforce programs across its 72 healthcare agencies are aligned with national workforce needs.  Read More »

Relias Learning adds international dementia training portal

Certified Dementia Practitioner training goes global as a U.S.-based training organization partners with an international dementia care association. Read More »

Activities are more than time fillers

An Activities Department does more than organize bingo games. The department helps residents maintain cognitive function and gives them a sense of independence and dignity. That deserves every department's respect. Read More »

Employee benefits: The personal touch

Are economic pressures and changing rules under the Affordable Care Act forcing you to pare down your employee benefits offering? Incorporating voluntary benefits can keep employees happy by allowing them to add on customized benefits. Read More »

Staff training on fire safety

There's more to fires than just putting them out. Fire protection systems need to be properly installed and maintained, and staff needs to be properly trained in emergency procedures. Read More »

The struggle for joy

The holidays aren't happy for some people, but resident blogger Kathy Mears reminds us how to be in charge of our own joy--and perhaps help others to do the same. Read More »

Who should do medication reconciliation safety: RNs, LPN or both?

Registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) have different skills and work processes when it comes to medication reconciliation, say researchers at the University of Missouri. Read More »

AANAC to launch new association for LTC DONs

In 2016, AANAC will launch a new organization made specifically for LTC nurses and directors of nursing services. Read More »

Turning over a new leaf

Getting along with aides can be a struggle sometimes, but resident blogger Kathleen Mears finds a way to work it out. Read More »

Investing in staff: Better engagement, better business

A long-term care financial expert explains on why investing on your staff isn't just about salary, and why comittments to your staff's personal growth can have trickle-down benefits on the entire business. Read More »

A light-duty aide’s challenges

A long-term caregiver doesn’t realize importance manual dexterity plays in meeting residents’ needs until the ability to use both hands is compromised. Read More »

“You’re fired?”: Handling staff discipline

Avoiding staff terminations begins with more diligent hiring practices, but here are one expert’s tips to handing documentation and process when a staffer isn’t performing up to snuff. Read More »

One-on-one with… Peter Schuna

Long-term care has to turn its attention to a different age group: millennials. How can an older industry attract a younger workforce? Peter Schuna, NHA, shares his personal experience and offers expert insight for developing a new generation leaders. Read More »

A facility in flux

Nothing is as sure as change, especially when it comes to staffing in a long-term care facility. And residents do notice the change. Read More »

Elsevier, NADONA/LTC team up to offer online training class

New online class will train staff and long-term care facilities comply with accreditation and regulatory standards. Read More »

Family to sue Illinois nursing home over morphine incident

An incident involving six residents rushed to the hospital resulted in one death. Family accuses the facility and a nurse of negligence. Read More »

Recruiting young talent and the tech factor

How can organizations attract, engage and retain the next generation of caregivers? Hint: Technology is your friend, not your enemy in helping caregivers get the job done, says a long-term care COO. Read More »

West Virginia shows residents it cares

New screening program finds caregiver applicants wanted for out-of-state crimes. WV DHHR says conducting state and federal background checks are important to patient safety. Read More »