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Kathleen Mears is a long-time blogger who has been a nursing home resident for 21 years. She is...

What I Would Tell Baby Boomers About Nursing Homes

September 2, 2008  | 

My fellow baby boomers need to find out who pays for long-term care. Most hospitals discharge patients quickly, and those who cannot go home, go to

The Most Unforgettable Staff Persons

August 25, 2008  | 

After living in a nursing home for so long, it is impossible to pick out one unforgettable staff person. Many staff came to mind. Early on here, Carl

Thoughts on the negative connotation of nursing homes

August 18, 2008  | 

Nursing homes denote illness and isolation to most people. It will take many years for that negative connotation to change, but nursing home management needs to start the process from the top down.

About smoking

August 12, 2008  | 

Ah yes, the facility smoking issue—I have thought about that for a long time. When I first came to live in a nursing home 12 years ago, residents