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Dining app inspires care coordination software developer

January 23, 2018
by I Advance Senior Care
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According to Skilled Nursing News, one vendor, the Boston-based PatientPing, took a page from a popular restaurant reservation service — and a calculated bet by giving away the technology to early adopters.

“It’s not easy to get everyone in a community on a common platform, but when you do that, it creates a disproportionate amount of value for everybody,” PatientPing co-founder and CEO Jay Desai told Skilled Nursing News.

“So, for instance, OpenTable: You have to get all of the restaurants on, and that drives the diners, so that starts somewhere,” he said.

For the five-year-old software company, the initial targets were hospitals, not hip local taco joints and cocktail bars. PatientPing first attempts to target the largest hospital providers in any given area, then build out from that “nucleus” by marketing to bundled payment conveners, state-level skilled nursing associations, health plans, and other players in the long-term care space.

“Even if we don’t have 100% connectivity for any given facility, some connectivity is better than no connectivity,” Desai said. “So the service just gets better as more people join.”

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