Chronic Conditions

The Importance of Nature for Senior Well-Being

Reconnecting with nature has long been regarded as refreshing and even healing. Now, a new study reveals potential benefits of living nea... Read More »

What the 2023 America’s Health Rankings Reveal About Senior Health

The United Health Foundation has released its 2023 Senior Report, which provides an in-depth look at the health of older adults. This is ... Read More »

Steps to Address Loneliness in Senior Care Residents

Part 1 of a 2-part series on addressing the loneliness epidemic in senior care The social distancing requirements of the Covid-19 pandemi... Read More »

New Report Focuses on Housing and Care Options for Middle-Income Seniors

A new analysis by the nonpartisan and objective research organization NORC at the University of Chicago reveals that in 2033, middle-inco... Read More »

Best Practices in Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Pressure ulcers occur in 17% to 28% of patients over 70 years old in nursing homes, and they can be a serious health concern. Read More »

The Role of Innovation in Rebuilding the Senior Care Industry

The future of telehealth and the post-pandemic evolution of virtual care will play a key role moving forward. Read More »

Fighting Senior Loneliness With Laughter

A certified Laughter Yoga Leader is bringing laughter yoga (virtually) to residents in senior care settings. Read More »

CDC: Protect Staff With Underlying Conditions Against COVID-19

Staff at skilled nursing facilities and other senior care facilities risk serious illness if infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Read More »

How stress can cause weight gain in women

Researchers found stressful events can be linked to obesity, which is associated with several chronic illnesses. Read More »

ADA releases 2018 diabetes care guidelines

Many of the new care recommendations involve adults with hypertension or cardiovascular disease as well as diabetes. Read More »

Disability linked to heart health

Researchers explored the connection between disability and the American Heart Association's guidelines for cardiovascular health in older Latin Americans. Read More »

Chronic disease communication lacking

A majority of seniors have multiple chronic conditions—and a majority of Medicare plan members say plans don’t help proactively manage them, a new survey finds.   Read More »

New pharmacy approaches to diabetes management

Pharmacists are adopting adherence programs, collaborating with the clinical care team and reviewing new industry guidelines to maintain blood sugar levels and keep comorbidities in check. Read More »

CDC: Diabetes rates on the rise

Why the next big chronic disease challenge for skilled nursing facilities could be diabetes. Read More »

Roche acquires mySugr in diabetes management deal

The two companies have been partners since 2014, and are now combining their efforts in diabetes disease management. Read More »

American Heart Association and home care startup partner for heart and stroke care

A startup home care company, Honor, is joining forces with the American Heart Association to bring front-line research and protocols to patients at home. Read More »

Calif. health plan tackles senior isolation

Loneliness and isolation affect almost half of adults over age 65, yet few clinical programs address them head on as medical factors that affect treatment outcomes. Read More »

Parkinson’s disease awareness month shows unshakeable spirit

The American Parkinson Disease Association kicks off a new campaign to highlight the spirit and stories of those with Parkinson's disease to raise awareness of the illness. Read More »

Improving care for chronically ill starts at home

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts has teamed up with home health provider Landmark Health to offer members with serious chronic or acute conditions care at home.  Read More »

FDA approves antibody-based eczema drug

A new drug for serious eczema has been approved for the market, but wait till you see how much it costs. Read More »

First drug for aggressive MS gets FDA nod

Genentech will market the drug, which has been approved for both standard multiple sclerosis and the more aggressive form, Primary Progressive MS. Read More »

A new attempt to manage multiple chronic conditions

Federal agencies have partnered to offer chronic care management for Medicare beneficiaries and their providers. Read More »

Potential of onsite hemodialysis for ESRD

New data show onsite hemodialysis in the skilled nursing setting can provide a cost-effective alternative to expensive transportation services. Read More »

Diabetes deadlier than previous estimates

Researchers have found the proportion of deaths attributable to diabetes is three times higher than estimates based on death certificates.  Read More »

Reducing HAIs and improving LTC resident health

Long-term care facilities and hospitals are becoming more aware of the need for diligent infection control in resident populations--including better training. Read More »

Slow medicine pioneer Dennis McCullough dies

Dennis McCullough practiced geriatric medicine for several years but it was his own personal experiences inspired him to rethink end of life care. He became an advocate for hospice and palliative care. Read More »