SNF consultancy startup earns capital investment

Janus Choice, LLC, based in Rockford, Ill., has been selected to be a member of the Prosper Capital Fall Startup Accelerator program, which aims to help women-led startups succeed. Janus provides solutions for improving the hospital discharge process and helps patients select the best skilled nursing facility (SNF) to fit their needs.

Janus and four other women-led startups will receive a $50,000 capital investment and access to well-known mentors, resources and curricula to help them become more successful in building their businesses, according to an announcement by Prosper Women Entrepreneurs.

"Our Startup Accelerator is unique not only because we focus solely on women-led businesses, (but) as far as we know, there is also no other accelerator that provides follow-on funding for selected companies," Mary Jo Gorman, MD, MBA, Lead Managing Partner of Prosper Capital said in a press release. "Multiple companies from our first round of Startup Accelerator participants have already received follow-on funding. We’re looking forward to providing the same results for this class of entrepreneurial women."

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