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Spa System

The Penner Cascade Premier Spa provides affordable elegance with a TV, DVD, and CD player. You design the colors to create a spa-like bathing atmosphere in your bathing area. The Premier cabinet provides convenient access to hidden controls, bathing liquids, and the quick-fill reservoir.

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Patient Lifting Equipment

It is estimated that each year 12% of nursing personnel will consider a job transfer and another 12-18% will leave the profession due to chronic back pain. Medline’s line of patient lifting equipment helps to create and maintain a safe environment in healthcare settings.

The equipment includes a complete line of both hydraulic and battery-powered stand assists and elevating floor lifts. Each lift features six-point cradles and slings that provide the greatest safety for patients. Purchasers of a Medline lift are eligible for full implementation of Medline’s Safe ‘n Easy Lifting Program that includes in-servicing tools, a formal lifting policy, a complete set of assessment tools, implementation guide, and a financial analysis template to understand the cost savings associated with implementation.

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Time Clock

PeopleNet’s Optima Clock provides a comprehensive time capture solution with a 100% verifiable process. This product eliminates buddy punching by taking the employee’s picture when the fingerprint can’t be validated. All punches are stored on the clock until transmitted to the PeopleNet Data Center. The clock communicates to the Center at 30-second intervals, providing accurate and current punch information. Punch details can be viewed and managed with the PeopleNet’s Time Management Solution that allows immediate access to time cards, head count, and hours/dollar reporting via secure Internet access.

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Clinical Documentation

Access comprehensive reports on all quality indicators and improve compliance with 6N EMR (Electronic Medical Record). 6N provides all the tools needed for advancing clinical quality and resident-centered care-from one system. 6N EMR provides integrated care-planning, progress notes, MDS, ADL documentation, charting, medication orders, MAR/TAR, with a full library of visual dashboards and reporting. The 6N EMR is built with Microsoft tools for an easy-to-use product with no costly upgrades. With built-in flexibility, 6N Systems can help design the EMR that meets your goals and budget.

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Rehabilitation/Wellness Services

Aegis Therapies is one of America’s recognized leaders in rehabilitation and wellness services in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, with an additional array of services and products within the hospital, hospice, and home health sectors. The company is continuously building upon its expertise-meeting the therapy and wellness needs of senior healthcare patients regardless of the level of care.

Aegis Therapies currently provides comprehensive physical, occupational, and speech rehabilitation services in 37 states with over 1,000 locations. More than 6,000 therapists and clinicians provide short-term and long-term rehab care and services every day to healthcare settings across the nation. Aegis has industry-leading recruiting, clinical operations, and rehabilitation management support capabilities.

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Pellerin Milnor’s V-Series washer-extractors, with 40- to 160-lb capacities now feature new RinSave water saver that eliminates excessive rinse and intermediate extract steps by allowing a precise high G-force to “sling” the wash liquor (including water, chemistry, and soil) out of the goods between the last wash step and following rinse cycle.

RinSave water saver replaces as many as two rinse steps and saves up to 10 minutes per load, without compromising wash quality. No matter what capacity, Milnor’s V-Series washer-extractors with RinSave software will reduce water consumption up to 0.4 gal/lb of goods processed. The RinSave feature can be retrofitted in certain existing Milnor V-Series machines.

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Financial/Clinical Software

MDI Achieve’s Matrix software is a complete Financial and Clinical solution with EHR capabilities. With its broad line of easy-to-use solutions, you can empower staff throughout your organization with tools to help improve quality of care, documentation, and administration. Each module in the product suite provides the features and functions needed to manage day-to-day operations more efficiently. MDI Achieve’s Business Intelligence Solutions offer powerful benchmarking tools and custom reporting to help manage your business more proactively.

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Business Intelligence Dashboards

LINTECH’s COMET Business Intelligence (BI) Dahboard allows users to monitor, analyze, and manage performance at the business area level, the facility level, and the enterprise level. It gauges the organization’s performance in all clinical and business areas through quantification of processes and outcomes, using key performance indicators. Designed as an open system, the COMET BI Dashboard also allows integration of data from non-COMET systems.

LINTECH’s COMET BI Dashboard provides managers with up-to-date Operational, Utilization, Financial, and EMR/Clinical performance information, which enables them to compare these performances to benchmarks.

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Sit-to-Stand Lift

The Sabina II sit-to-stand lift features smooth operation and versatility, ideal for residents who can participate in the raising operation. Many well-thought-out slings, vests, and accessories enable quick, easy adaptation to the specific sizes and clinical characteristics of individual residents. Interchangeable sling bars permit the use of Liko SupportVests, SafetyVests, or ComfortVests-or the resident can also be lifted in a seated position by using a conventional Liko sling.

Easy for caregivers to manipulate, Sabina sit-to-stand lifts are suitable for transporting residents whose strength in not sufficient to rise independently.

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Wireless Call and Communication

Code Alert® Integrated Care Management (ICM) is a Wireless Call and Communication Solution from RF Technologies. Code Alert ICM operates on a single platform that integrates wireless call and life-safety devices and notifies staff of an e-call, an event, and associated responses via two-way communications, including new Voice-to-Voice capability. Using the RF Technologies software suite, data generated by Code Alert ICM, Code Alert® Wandering Management, and Code Alert® Advanced 4-Way Care Fall, Incontinence, and Turning Schedule Management can be recorded and reported on combined reports.

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QIS Assessment and Training

McKesson Medical-Surgical is offering Healthcare Academy’s QIS Wizard Pro33-a comprehensive tool designed to help assess and address QIS issues within long-term care facilities. This tool not only provides you with QIS survey analysis and focus areas for your facility, but the QIS Wizard Pro33 actually helps address any issues through 33 online training lessons covering all aspects of the survey. The QIS Wizard Pro33 tool provides what you need to empower your organization for QIS success.

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Point-of-Care Data Entry

Easy touch-screen entry for CNAs includes documentation of ADLs, care plans, and more. The system automatically updates the MDS and becomes part of the Electronic Health Record (EHR).

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Rehabilitation Services

Peoplefirst Rehabilitation staffs and manages rehabilitation departments in hospitals, nursing centers, outpatient clinics, and school settings nationwide. Comprehensive treatment plans help patients return home quickly. Peoplefirst developed a proprietary nationwide clinical tracking system that allows tracking of patient outcomes, provides quality assurance, identifies industry trends, streamlines invoicing, and manages reporting. Peoplefirst assists its rehab partners with reimbursement issues, HIPAA implementation, regulatory compliance, and clinical issues.

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