Payers invest in chronic disease behavior modification

A New York City-based company has gotten a new infusion of funding to develop their line of behavior interventions to combat chronic disease. AbilTo Inc., pronounced "able to," has received $6 million from BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners, Sandbox Industries and .406 Ventures.

The company works with employers and payers to provide remotely delivered behavior interventions for high-cost health conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, cardiac events and severe depression.

"Over the past year, health plans have increasingly recognized AbilTo’s success identifying, engaging and delivering behavioral interventions that measurably improve a patient’s health while materially reducing the cost of care," said AbilTo's CEO Michael Laskoff in a press release. "This has created exciting new opportunities, which the additional capital will allow us to pursue."

During the eight-week program, participants meet weekly with a dedicated transition specialist and a behavior coach via secure online video chat or telephone, according to the company's website. Through the program they learn practical skills that help them successfully confront their challenges without making a medical visit.

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