The Role of Technology in Senior Living: New Report Highlights Evolving Trends and Key Takeaways

Technology continues to play a key role in the senior care industry, particularly as we move into the post-pandemic period. iN2L + LifeLoop released their “Senior Living 2023: The State of Engagement and Technology” report examining industry challenges, priorities, and the use and adoption of technology. This annual report is part of an investigative series that focuses on the “adoption, state, and impact of technology on resident, staff, and family well-being in senior living communities.”

Creating the Annual Report

Andrea Clauson headshot

Andrea Clauson, director of marketing at iN2L + LifeLoop

The 2023 edition is the fourth iteration of the annual report. Andrea Clauson, director of marketing at iN2L + LifeLoop, explains that by surveying those in the senior living field, the report provides a look at the evolving role of technology. “This is an important piece for industry providers and vendors to take note of as it speaks to the trends, opportunities and pain points communities are experiencing,” she says.

“As we see more and more operators turning to technology to update and transform the aging experience, not just for residents, but for the entire community, it is crucial to stay abreast of those trends so we can be better stewards to our customers,” she explains. “Having a deep understanding of this report and its findings makes our product better, our customer service better, our company better. It’s our mission and why we do what we do.”

This year’s report reflects the responses received from a survey of 110 senior care leaders.

Key Findings From the Report

The 2023 report identified a shift in how technology is viewed within the senior care industry. “We have found that the 2023 State of Engagement and Technology Report is unique in that we are seeing senior living leaders beginning to recognize technology as a powerful tool for all facets of their communities,” Clauson says. “The discovery is that technology can augment not only their resident engagement strategies but also generate efficiencies that support their workforce and act as a powerful connector to loved ones and families living outside the community walls.”

The report included several other intriguing key findings:

  • 69% of respondents felt that technology helped them improve their communities’ overall quality of care, and that it was an integral part of community life.
  • 85% of respondents felt that the most important benefit of any technology platform is its ability to provide personalized care and engaging experiences.
  • 35% of leaders rely on technology to help keep residents and loved ones outside of the community connected.

“The largest impact to our industry right now is undoubtedly staffing,” says Clauson. “One of the biggest takeaways is that the staffing crisis impacts all areas of community life, including resident care. 79% of executives report that staffing shortages impact their ability to provide residents with personalized care.”

“Another big takeaway is that senior living residences are embracing technology across all aspects of community life, from activity planning to health and safety, to supporting staff,” she notes. “84% of leaders with a comprehensive enterprise platform consider it either ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ important. As the industry emerges from its pandemic ‘crisis mode,’ senior living is entering a period of renewal. In this renewal period, prospects, residents, staff, and families are expecting more transparency, connection, and tech-enabled support within community life.

“Echoing this sentiment, when asked what they would like to see from their technology partners, they share a wide variety of ‘most wanted’ features and use cases. It illustrates the growing appetite for a comprehensive technology foundation: technology will continue to grow in function and purpose throughout the fabric of senior living daily life.”

Looking to the Future

Given the impacts that the pandemic and staffing shortage have had on the senior care industry, technology has only become more important. It is likely that we will see the roles that technology plays in the senior care industry continue to shift. Clauson says iN2L + LifeLoop will release a 2024 iteration of the report. “We are deeply passionate about the senior living industry,” she says, “and it is important to keep on top of the biggest trends impacting our customers and their residents.”

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