Honorable Mention: Judges’ Comments

McKenna Crossing at Shepherd's Path

Pope Associates, Inc., Senior Lifestyle Design

Kaye Brown: A great sense of place. Worked from the site out and added a commitment to making this project provide opportunities for the entire community.

Sue Torgrude: Collaboration between two faith-based organizations. The multigenerational campus connects people of various ages. Mixed-use campus incorporates youth counseling, day care, and a YMCA.

Michael Steinhauer: Residences have lower cabinets and counters, removable shelves.

Gosnell Memorial Hospice House

Gawron Turgeon Architects

John Pace: Good vernacular achieved through exterior materials, scale, and style of fenestration. Curved interior motif achieves good visibility to each wing.

Bill Bonn: The curved center and offset corridors break up the long sight lines and break down the scale.

Charlie Wilson: Beautiful suites with large windows and sitting areas. Cozy dining and living areas for each grouping of residents. Children's nooks in all clustered room areas.

Warroad Senior Living Center

Horty Elving

Skip Gregory: Assisted living and skilled nursing have their own entrances. Tracks for overhead lifts are included. Back-of-the-house and staff areas are separated well from resident areas.

David Green: All levels of care have access to all activity resources. Transoms above windows add additional light.

Rebekah Rehab and Extended Care Center

The Geddis Partnership Architects, A Professional Corporation

Skip Gregory: The highway that runs next to the center posed a problem. Garden views were created to overcome that obstacle.

Amy Carpenter: Interesting modern façade with consideration to solar exposure. Good use of a difficult urban site.

David Green: Shared rooms have a window for each resident. Recessed windows—done two ways—may have an energy-saving benefit. D

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