Cloud-based system helps manage medication delivery

With studies showing that up to 50 percent of medications are not taken properly and that as much as 30 percent of prescriptions are never even filled, proper medication management can help improve compliance, reduce medication errors and lower costs.

This week, two California-based companies, Pacific Healthcare Pharmacy Group and MedFolio LLC, announced that they have jointly launched a new cloud-based, doctor-supervised medication management program that connects patients and family members with physicians, caregivers and pharmacies.

This new digital system utilizes an electronic, wireless pillbox, a doctor-supervised medication delivery and management program and a secure, cloud-based notification system. By incorporating the electronic pillbox and cloud-based database, Pacific Healthcare was able to expand its Web-based pharmacy application which handles prescription orders and allows access to billing and medication records. "The electronic pillbox and the cloud-based system closes the loop for us. Now we have a complete turnkey solution for medication compliance,” said Stannon Reed, president of Pacific Healthcare Pharmacy Group.

Fulmer-Mason, president of MedFolio, added, "We have always been dedicated to providing patients and their families the best tools to effectively manage their medications at home. Now, with Pacific Healthcare offering medication dispensing and delivery services for the MedFolio Pillbox, our customers can enjoy the convenience of prefilled, accurate pillboxes arriving on their doorsteps once a month."

Each month Pacific Healthcare will fill prescriptions, insert the medication into MedFolio’s electronic pillbox and deliver the pillbox to customers. When the pillbox is programmed for a specific person, it will beep and light up when that person is scheduled to take his or her medication. The customer or caregiver must press a button on the device to turn off the alerts.

A USB connection to a computer and a secure cloud-based database allows for real-time tracking of compliance, with alerts being sent via text messages and email. In addition, physicians and family members can go online to make sure that the medication was indeed taken and in the proper dosage prescribed.

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