New video training solution designed to improve cognitive abilities

An interactive video game that helps train cognitive functions, such as multi-tasking, was released by Intendu, an Israel-based tech company, earlier this month.  

The Functional Brain Trainer is the first adaptive motion-interaction cognitive training platform that offers an active and personalized way to train residents with cognitive impairment, according to a press release. Residents play engaging and sometimes challenging games where they interact with real-life scenarios. The game can be used to help improve memory, self-initiation, inhibition and attention.

The game features full body interaction and automatic adaptation of games to a resident's needs. It was created using evidence-based paradigms and the latest research. The goal of the program is to improve the performance of activities of daily living. The program can either be used in a facility or at home.

"Our mission is to provide tools for effective, accessible and affordable brain rehabilitation at the clinic and at home," Son Preminger, founder and chief executive officer of Intendu, said in a press release. "Therapists have limited training tools that engage the patients in daily-living scenarios and they also lack tools that can adapt to patients’ needs and capabilities in real time."

Read more about the program here.

Topics: Clinical , Rehabilitation , Technology & IT