Home care before hospice

Home based palliative care, or pre-hospice, programs aim to improve quality of life by bringing healthcare workers into the home and better care coordination—all while cutting costs for seniors and Medicare. And research shows it’s working. Read More »

One nursing home’s welcoming committee

A nursing home in Cleveland adopted a stray cat who serves as the resident pet.  Read More »

Painting a picture of dementia

An intergenerational art program designed to engage students and seniors is its own masterpiece.  Read More »

Time to sit down

Resident blogger Kathleen Mears tracks one resident’s health, a process that pains her to watch.  Read More »

Veyo to double its transportation market in 2017

The California startup has its wheels in motion to transform non-medical transportation for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. Read More »

If you give someone a cookie

Senior Editor Nicole Stempak reflects on how a cookie donation program is a sweet treat for an assisted living facility and the lucky community recipients.  Read More »

Deciding what to wear

Resident blogger Kathleen Mears describes how she’s built her wardrobe and had to adapt living in a nursing home, from what styles and fabrics she wears to what she can fit in her 29-inch-wide closet. Read More »

Listening with compassion

A professional caregiver reflects on the very personal side of family communication. Read More »

One more at bat

A nonagenarian and teenager bond over their time spent on the baseball mound.  Read More »

New media for seniors

Residents in one senior living community can share their stories and perspective on life through a new media publishing partnership.  Read More »

Keeping time

Resident blogger Kathleen Mears manages to keep track of time and wonders whether other benefits might benefit from clocks in their room, too.  Read More »

Guarded purse strings

Resident blogger Kathleen Mears manages her money with a close eye to keep track of her own spending and to make sure someone isn’t spending her money.  Read More »

Argentum releases memory care programs research

The white paper describes 39 innovative programs that are changing the way providers deliver quality care for those with dementia. Read More »

An enduring romance

It’s a simple story of love, but a love story for the ages. Read More »

Activities to help seniors thrive

A survey of Swedish nursing home staff found seniors who kept busy reported better well-being and were more engaged, highlighting the importance of staying active and retaining personhood. Read More »

Activities to prevent memory loss

Researchers observed seniors who pick up mentally stimulating activities, even later in life, can help protect themselves against mild cognitive impairment.  Read More »

A birthday surprise

A granddaughter brings her birthday party to the nursing home so grandma could join in the celebration.  Read More »

Couple celebrates 65th wedding anniversary

A continuing care retirement community helped plan a memorable evening in for a Pennsylvania couple still in love all these decades later.  Read More »

The pony express: Valentine’s Day edition

A Texas nursing home received a special delivery of some handmade Valentine’s Day cards.  Read More »

An odd couple

As Valentine’s Day approaches, resident blogger Kathleen Mears offers a glimpse of romance in the nursing home. Read More »

NH matches residents with Valentine’s admirers

A nursing home is asking community members to be residents’ valentines. Read More »

Brace yourself

Resident blogger Kathleen Mears was told for years she was unable to get new leg braces. When hers finally broke, she was pleasantly surprised to learn she was eligible for new custom ones.   Read More »

Seniors rally for Women’s March

A group of retirement community residents showed their solidarity by marching around the campus Saturday.  Read More »

The difficulty of going to the doctor

Senior Editor Nicole Stempak explores the problem of care coordination and how to help seniors access needed medical treatment.  Read More »

Brookdale community writes happy tale

One senior living community is now the forever home for a former resident’s dog. Read More »

A resolve to change

Blogger Kathleen Mears wants you to leap into the new year and suggests ways to set yourself up for success in 2017.  Read More »

Playing piano with Parkinson’s

A man with Parkinson’s disease has started playing piano at the hospital to the delight of patients and surprise of doctors.  Read More »

The challenge of getting around

Navigating nursing homes and Medicaid is never easy, but resident blogger Kathy Mears has had trouble getting around, literally. It took several visits and months to get her joystick adjusted and working properly—and caused an injury in the process. Read More »

Playtime revisited

A Minnesota couple, affectionately known as Grandma Rosie and Grandpa Dave, volunteer as foster grandparents at a local Montessori school. Read More »

Cooking up nostalgia

Grandma’s cooking brings back fond memories for Senior Editor Nicole Stempak who considers the power—and importance—of food traditions. Read More »