2018 resolutions worth keeping

George Braverman wants to live to be 100. It seems like an ambitious goal, but he’s already got a good head start.

The Los Angeles Jewish Home created a video featuring 17 seniors sharing their resolutions. (Because who says young ‘ins should be the only ones thinking about the future or focusing on self-improvement and growth?)

Some residents resolved to exercise more. One resident wants to be more active in the 2018 elections. Another wants to spend more time practicing piano and less time watching TV. The common theme among residents is a desire to slow down and enjoy living in the moment, something we can all get behind.

One problem we wish we had: a resolution to stop napping in the afternoon.

“Seniors at the Jewish Home inspire us with their desire to improve their lives and the lives of others,” said Molly Forrest, CEO and President of the Los Angeles Jewish Home in a press release. “We wish them all the best in 2018.”

Watch the video below, and start thinking about your resolutions—and your residents’ wishes—for a happy and healthy 2018.

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