Medicare crunch time with Trump administration?

The next administration will have to cut back on Medicare spending and fraud. Contributor Robert Gatty speculates whether lawmakers will crack down on avoidable hospital admissions. Read More »

What impact will Trump’s victory have on value-based healthcare?

As Republicans take control of the executive and legislative branches, how will the new Administration impact healthcare's initiatives and priorities? Healthcare information technology experts weigh in on key policy issues moving forward. Read More »

Federal judge blocks CMS ban on arbitration

A federal judge has issued a temporary halt on CMS’ final rule ordering LTC facilities to remove all arbitration agreements from their admissions materials. Read More »

CMS finalizes site-neutral payment policies

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has finalized a rule that will change the way services are reimbursed in off-campus and on-campus settings. Read More »

The CMS final rule: Twist and shout, but we can work it out

The long-term/post-acute care industry knew some groundbreaking changes were coming in the final rule from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and Long-Term Living’s legal expert Alan C. Horowitz explains what all the fuss is about. Read More »

CMS proposes new payment models for diabetes prevention and wellness

National Diabetes Awareness month takes on extra meaning as Andy Slavitt, Acting Administrator of CMS, pushes for better diabetes care. Read More »

The changing season of CMS

As the season shifts into fall, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is launching a new season of regulations for long-term and post-acute care. Read More »

How the RAI Manual changes encourage collaboration

AANAC's Judi Kulus, RN breaks down the impacts of the new RAI Manual changes and why SNF needs to collaborate better among their care teams and with their outside partners—including therapy providers and home health. Read More »

NASL elects new board officers

MatrixCare’s John Damgaard will head up the association’s new board of directors, along with four other officer electees. Read More »

The psychology of rehab

Fretting about CJR and rehab outcomes? Here’s why one of the best additions to your rehabilitation service line might be a psychologist. Read More »

AHCA seeks injunction of CMS final rule

The American Health Care Association filed a complaint that the arbitration provision in CMS’ final Requirements of Participation rule is unlawful.  Read More »

2016 OPTIMA Award: An honored memory

What happens when dementia and post-traumatic stress intersect in the nursing home environment? The winner of the 2016 Long-Term Living OPTIMA Award has spent three years developing a program to train caregivers how to interact with veterans—and how to document their positive and negative behavioral interventions to increase everyone’s ability to provide better person-centered care.   Read More »

Admissions, discharges and data-sharing

Will hospitals and nursing homes ever be able to agree on a standard set of data to share during patient transfers? Thought leaders at the annual NASL meeting discuss the current regs—and what needs to happen next. Read More »

Is senior care going to pot?

As more states pass laws legalizing medical marijuana, how will federal lawmakers react to the new climate? Read More »

BPCI Model 3: Bonanza or boondoggle?

There’s an argument to be made for being an early adopter with Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) Model 3, but there are also questions about how much participants will ultimately save. Read More »

3 tips for finding the perfect MDS coordinator

A veteran RN/MDS Coordinator discusses what skills and assessments are most important when hiring a new employee in the crucial role of overseeing the facility's Minimum Data Set documentation. Read More »

MedPAC and the 5-star rating systems

MedPAC is speaking out against CMS’ new five-star rating system for hospitals, citing flaws and unecessary reporting. Will the initiative spill over into senior care as well? Read More »

CMS issues emergency preparedness rule

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) found current preparedness regulations were not comprehensive enough to address the complexities of emergency preparedness. The agency has issued new requirements that follow industry best practices for each type of provider and supplier.  Read More »

Judge: CMS fails to educate on maintenance therapy coverage changes

Too many beneficiaries—and their doctors—still don’t realize that maintenance therapies are now covered by Medicare, ruled a U.S. District Court judge. Read More »

CMS releases more cost data for Part D drugs

The latest data is a follow-on to the agency’s March report and provides additional cost data on the most-used drugs, the highest-cost drugs and other metrics for trend analyses. Read More »

CMS begins new 5-star rating calculations

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has begun using the latest quality measure additions to calculate nursing homes’ five-star quality ratings on the Nursing Home Compare site. Read More »

Md. healthcare provider sentenced for fraud, patient death

A Maryland healthcare provider who operated a portable X-ray business primarily for seniors has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for insurance fraud that resulted in two known patient deaths. Read More »

Patients must be notified of hospital ‘observation status’

The Notice Act, which went into effect Saturday, would requires hospitals to notify patients of their outpatient status to warn them of potential out-of-pocket hospital expenses and impact on possible nursing home stays funded by Medicare. Read More »

Medical marijuana: Hashing out the legal issues

Many states have legalized medical marijuana, but when it comes to Medicare participants, it’s federal law that matters. Read More »